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    Default Got my Green, Gendarme that is

    This is one strange bird. *Green is a good way to sum it up, as it's loaded with herbs and spices. *I've had it on for over a 1/2 hour now, and it has, without a doubt, the strongest presence of any Gendarme fragrance yet (it is an Eau De Parfum). *The website mentions basil, watermelon, and other spices. *The top really is fresh with watermelon and cucumber dominating and giving it a very fresh appeal, giving way to basil and what I could only surmise is cilantro which gives it some zest. *I know this probably sounds pretty strange at this point, like you're watching a commercial and somebody's about to say "Prego... It's in there", but this seems to be such a different take on "green", not surprisingly since Gendarme has already come out with V, the vetiver route most people would take "green" to be. *Despite it's herbal nature that makes one want to make meatballs, there's something rather distinctive about the aura this scent gives off. *It's surprisingly, how shall I say, classy for something that seems so... gimicky with the garden style ingrediants going on, and it does undergo a fair transformation, from those fresh top notes to a middle of what smells sort of like Irish Spring soap, down to spicier/warmer base. *When I first tried this a couple of months ago, the SA at Nordstrom jokingly said to another "Tell Topper thank you for finally making a fragrance that lasts"... so far so good. *
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    Default Re: Got my Green, Gendarme that is

    Wow Bark...I dismissed this one after a quick glance at their website made me think it was just a body "tonic", sort of a splash and go for a pick me up kind of thing.
    I'll need to take closer look. So, do you mean to say that you don't get any resemblance to the Gendarme line? It's doesn't turn Gendarme at any point? All of the other scents including Mojo are recognizable as Gemdarme. And this one.....?
    Thanks for the review!


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    Default Re: Got my Green, Gendarme that is

    I would say this has a bit of a gendarme feel to it simply because it smells fresh and clean, with a touch of that soapy-ness. It's still there some time later, too, much more to my nose than G-20. With the different packaging and ingredients, I can see how it has that "tonic" look to it, but it's 6oz of edp strength juice which goes for $79, so I'm glad to say it appears the longevity isn't an issue (to me... so far). Definately herbal and definately green, I think it's another safe bet for the office.
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    Default Re: Got my Green, Gendarme that is

    I just ordered it.
    it BETTER be a good one ;D

    I'm sure it is...I like 'em all....I don't own 20 though and can't imagine how often I'll wear my Grabazzi, V or mojo....but I do like them.

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    Default Re: Got my Green, Gendarme that is

    I agree with the Bark's comments....However, I don't feel it is as strong to my nose....I do get the pico de gallo though. It is definitely a fresh office 3rd fave Gendarme frag behind the original and Carriere.
    This is in a different vein though.

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    Default Re: Got my Green, Gendarme that is

    So...I wore Green yesterday and recieved two compliments.
    one at work and the other from the receptionist at my Chiropractor's office (after 12 hrs of wear).....I walk in and hello, no how are you...just, "WOW, you smell good" then the doc comes over and says...ahh, Bob always smells good.
    Which he has never said anything to me before (maybe he's too macho to say) anyway...this proves that you do get noticed even though people may not say anything directly to you.

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