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Thread: Great scents

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    Default Great scents

    Anyone remember the heavanly fragrances :Marc Sinan's VO, Patou ph and Versaille ph and if so are there any of this like today? :-?

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    Patou PH... my favourite.
    An oriental which got better as the temperature got hotter.
    An oriental so good that I could not stand to wear any other - for I knew they were inferior.
    Sadly I doubt we will ever find a worthy replacement.
    My understanding is that it was quite costly to produce.
    I truly hope that Jean Patou release special editions once every few years.
    I am preserving my last few ml's for VERY special occasions.

    If Basenoters were to ever unite, to petition for the return of any discontinued fragrance, Patou PH should be that fragrance.

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