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    Default Argh! Please help me find an Atomizer!

    Greetings Basenoters. I am about to order a multitude of samples of oils and CO2 extracts so I try my hands at my first blend! I am hyped, but I am having more of a pain in the butt trying to find supplies than I did with the oils!

    I have different sites saved for small (2, 5 and 10 ml) amber jars and bottles, glass pipettes, and I found some small clear roll on bottles (though I would prefer amber glass).

    There are a couple or few things that I really could still use, and your help in tracking them down would be very helpful. I live in Canada by the way, some sites I have found only ship tp the states, or have ridiculous minimum order quantities or heavy overseas shipping charges.

    What I still need to find:

    - A small, glass bottle (5-10 ml), I would prefer amber glass, and most definately not aluminum or plastic, that has a screwtop, and comes with a well sealing atomizer pump, which can be covered by it's own cap so it does not go off when I carry it.

    -Well priced, small quantity of undenatured alcohol, I'd prefer pure, no water, no propylene glycol, no glycerin, no denaturants. If it is going on my skin, I would prefer something without additives that I would not want to directly put into my mouth.

    I'm posting this both here, and in the DIY forum, hope no one minds, only because a lot of guys here do decants and may use or know a source of the kind of atomizers I described.

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    Default Re: Argh! Please help me find an Atomizer!

    Sorry everybody, I just found some about a town away from me at Atomizers King...apologies. Though if anyone still has any suggestions, or about the alcohol, that would be great. I just posted in frustration because that site took me a gazillion years (more like a couple of hours) to find. Heh.

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    Default Re: Argh! Please help me find an Atomizer! . Actually, nevermind. I didn't read the extra atomizer necessary part.

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