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    Default Bulgari--"Black," same as "Pour Homme"???

    I found a little vial of "Bulgari Black" in my dresser drawer, today, as well as a vial of "Bulgari Extreme." Is the "Black" the same as the "Pour Homme," or is it a different frag, now discontinued? Anyone know?

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    Default Re: Bulgari--"Black," same as "Pour Homme"???

    Black is not the same as PH and I don't think it is discontinued.
    Black is very urban: rubber, smoke, gasoline, tea. One of those that to me smells better as a room freshener than as a cologne.
    "Ca sent les pieds!"

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    Default Re: Bulgari--"Black," same as "Pour Homme"???

    Why don't you give them both a sniff and you can tell us!

    (Yes, they are absolutely different fragrances. It's impossible to mix the two)

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    Default Re: Bulgari--"Black," same as "Pour Homme"???

    Well, I don' t have "Pour Homme" and haven't smelled it....though I have a sample of "Extreme" which I haven't checked out.

    "Black" definitely has that rubber aroma, as well as something fruity and/or vanilla, and there's smoke, sandlewood and something else I can't quite place.

    It's different, for sure. I suppose I'd class it as "oriental," as it's got that vanilla going on, and it doesn't really seem to fit into any Chypre/Fougere/Citrus categories to me.

    I like it, initially...will give it some more time to see if it stays with me.

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    Default Re: Bulgari--"Black," same as "Pour Homme"???

    I tested black several times in stores. It is a yes/no scent. But I heard more than once, its for the acquired taste and will be appreciated after using it a while. Luca Turin has praised it in nice words.

    Bulgari Homme is very nice and wearable, I would get it as a gift for a man older than 25/30 , if I did not him well.
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    Default Re: Bulgari--"Black," same as "Pour Homme"???

    As someone says above, Black is very rubbery and smokey. To my nose, this "rubberiness" reminds me of Dzing! (L'Artisan), though some Dzing!-lovers may disagree. Pour Homme is a very fresh and yet interestingly sensual fragrance of darjeeling tea, lily, pepper and musk. It's pretty much unisex and in my country (Japan), it's been No.1 on the "most common mens fragrance used by women" chart last 8 years. It's been one of my signature daytime colognes also (besides Tam Dao), and I've been consuming Pour Homme almost a bottle every couple of months. Extreme Pour Homme has a prominent coriander+petitgrain top and it's more peppery, greener (green tea?) and spicey in the middle, though the drydown is the same transparent musk. By the way, Blu Pour Homme is a completely different fragrance. It does not smell oceanic as the same "blu" infers. To my nose, it's woody musk covered with ginger. Speaking of aqua, Aqua Pour Homme is literally aquatic masculine and to my nose, it smells almost identical to Givenchy pour Homme Blue Label.


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