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    Default L'homme de Coeur- similarities??

    Ok - some people says it's similar to Dior Homme, some says Tabarome and some says Cool Water...
    For me, de Coeur is a lot more aquatic than the powdery and flowery DH, and the warm Tabarome with tobacco (haven't smelled Tabarome).
    So I think it's pretty similar to CW.
    What are your thoughts on this?
    Btw, do you know of a scent similar to L'Homme Sage?

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    Default Re: L'homme de Coeur- similarities??

    Simialr to Dior Homme! Not to this nose. Even though both have iris, they are worlds apart.

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    Default Re: L'homme de Coeur- similarities??

    Someone somewhere else on this board mentioned a similarity between this and the Ormonde Jayne Man. I have to say I agree. L'Homme Sage, oddly enough, is quite similar to Ormonde Woman!

    They're all quite well made but on me are all completely vile, particularly the Sage / Woman.

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    Default Re: L'homme de Coeur- similarities??

    hi Keeg;

    I guess it would all depend on which note we point out to talk about similarity. To my nose, iris is the most prominent note in L'Homme de Coeur, though it's very docile. In this regards, you might like to try and test-drive the following fragrances. These are "iris-themed fragrances" though, of course, they do not smell like one another very much. Each one has its own character. For example, Iris Silver Mist is a straightforward earthy, bitter and carroty iiris while Dior Homme has a very warm vanilla base which, in combination with carroty iris, makes it smell like "baked sweet potato" (to my nose). Iris Poudre has an interesting "metallic Chanel No.5" note while Bois d'Iris has a clean-and-crisp, winter-cool iris with peppery narciss and geranium. Actually, Bois d'Iris is by far my favorite iris, though I'm into sandalwood, not iris, these days....

    Dior Homme (Dior)
    Iris Silver Mist (SL)
    Iris Poudre (FM)
    Bois d'Iris (TDC)
    Hris (Hermes) *
    Iris Bleu Gris (MPG)
    Iris Nobile (Aqua di Parma)
    Terre d'Iris (Miller Harris)


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