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    Default Tainted fragrance or reaction to skin chemistry

    Hello all - my first message and question.
    I am new to the world of fragrance and have been trying different scents in an attempt to find what I like. *Lots of fun, for sure. *I have run across two scents that have a bad odor in common and would like to try to determine if it is an ingredient in common with the two colognes that reacts badly with my skin chemistry or if it is the telltale smell of an old or rancid cologne. *The odor, as best I can describe it is like when one first opens a jar of instant iced tea powder. *It is a sour, rancid like smell that is most unpleasant. *The other notes of the cologne are there, but this overrides all else and lasts untill I wash off. *The two colognes are Herrera for men and Creed Erolfa tried from purchased sample or mini vials - not store testers. *Any common ingredients in these two fragrances that could react the same on me - or just old cologne since they were samples or minis that I tried? *Any ideas as to which theory hold true here?

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    Default Re: Tainted fragrance or reaction to skin chemistr

    I think I know what you mean with Hererra. To me there is a very sharp, bitter celery-crunch-like smell hidden in there. Very unharmonious. Im hoping that I just bought a bottle that had gone sour (as I LOVE the rest of the frag) but havnt gotten around to buying a new one. I hope its not just a flaw in Hererra's recipe.

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    Default Re: Tainted fragrance or reaction to skin chemistr

    Since I am new to this stuff, could someone let me know whether my assumption that old "turned" bottles of fragrance have a sour smell to them. Is this true sometimes or most of the time or .....????

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    Default Re: Tainted fragrance or reaction to skin chemistr

    Hey sqboy1. Welcome!
    I think it might be a skin chemistry question. On me, Hererra smells great for about 10 min then starts to turn really acrid. It's about the only scent I can't wear on my skin, so I wear it on my clothes instead, as I love it. I've tried this scent from both the new (burgundy boxed) and old (yellow polka dot boxed) bottles and it does the same thing.
    If you think a scent has "turned", try squirting it onto different media: your skin, someone else's skin, your hair (much better at holding scent than skin), paper, cloth, cardboard, etc. If it smells gross on all surfaces, the bottle is probably off. If it only smells gross on you (or someone else), then it's more likely to be a skin chemistry issue. (But note that some heavy musky animalic scents may only work on warm skin).
    If you live in a cold dry climate, this can affect the scent too. Fragrances work best on warm moist skin. So if it's winter where you are, try moisturising before you apply your scent. You'll be amazed at how much longer the scent lasts and it won't break down to an unharmonious mess.

    Hope these tips help!


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    Default Re: Tainted fragrance or reaction to skin chemistr

    Thanks Gavinchy - that's a good idea. I'll put some on my clothing instead of my skin and see. Do you still get the evolution of the scent through top notes, mid, and base notes throughout the day?

    Also, I assume that the moisturizer to use should be unscented, but how long should you wait till applying the cologne?

    It is winter here and dry skin is a problem. Some scents seem to soak right in and disappear quickly. I tried Minotaure the other day and it was gone in a couple hours from chest and shoulders.

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