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    Default A day at the Perfume counters II

    Another day of testing new fragrances:

    Jo Malone Pomegrante Noir - splendid, tart with a bit of spice. dries down to a lovely resinous quality thats sweet but not overbearing.

    Donna Karen essences - Who ever said how she took the notes from Black Cashmere and split them up hit it on the head. That is exactly what it seemed like. The best was the labadanum which presented a nice sour smoky feel, very rich with refinity.

    Re-tried Arpege - ok I know this predates 212 but C'MON when they reworked the scent and ohhhhhhh they reworked this puppy, I'm sure they drew inspiration (RIPPED OFF) from other scents. I see why one may jettison the idea that it resembles 212 for surely Arpege differs with a resounding vanilla note that adds richness and a smooth quality its umm TWIN 212 lacks. It also makes me think of a less cloying Caron pour un Homme.

    Very Irresistable - is Very Resistable. Not bad though but not too original or deep.

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    Default Re: A day at the Perfume counters II

    lol Al, is it really you?? ;D How you doing man. I rather liked the Donna Karan Essence series, and my impression was a black cashmere split up too - I agree the Labdanum is the best, the drydown was really great with this one - well into the next day. Not so sure about the prices on these ones though.. Mixing the Lavender with the Labdanum was unique.

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