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    hi all.

    when is the best time to apply fragrance? i have read that fragrance has better sillage/last longer with oiler skin. i apply my fragrance just after i get out of the shower. could this affect the longevity and sillage ? when do other b-noters apply frag.? should i wait half hour before applying e.g for the skin to 'rebelnsish' a bit?

    thanks in advance

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    I usually wait a few minutes after getting out of the shower before applying frags OR deodorants. Your body heats up a bit in the shower, and it first has to cool down again. Doing so, you will sweat a bit more. You will notice a difference whether you

    a) Get out of the shower, dry yourself and then apply body lotion


    b) Get out of the shower, dry yourself, wait 20 mins and then apply body lotion

    Your skin will take on the body lotion much better if you wait a bit. BTW, applying body lotion is something you should probably consider if you want the frags to last longer on your skin. Or use some vaseline!

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    Default Re: Application *again*

    I tend to get out of the shower, dry myself, moisturize my face, pull on underwear, THEN apply fragrances. Sometimes I bum around in between those stages too so I'm guessing it can be up to 10 to 20 minutes before I put something on.

    I never apply a scent when I'm wet cuz chances are, I'll accidentally wipe it up thinking it was water.

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    this isn't rocket science. just spray it and go. if you think it's gonna wear off too quickly, take along a decant so you can reapply.

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