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    I just recently tooka trip to NYC and ventured into Barneys in which my cousin and i really explored Comme Des Garcons complete range. I took a liking to a couple but i really liked Soda from the syntetic series for some reason. Therefore i purchased it., i like it but when i spray it on my wrist it lasts a good 30 min then really fades to almost nothing. So i question its longevity

    Does any one else have any experince with this unique lemon-lime scent.

    Also i would like to add that this may be one of my favorite spray bottles. Very unique with its "syntetic" packageing. plus the spray blast is the largest and most concentrated ive ever experinced.

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    I had a sample vial of Soda and it reminded me of a Demeter scent, but I forgot which one. In terms of longevity, it is very fleeting for me as well. It's an effervescent citrus so that should be a sign of subpar longevity. With this one, I would recommend you spraying your clothes. It will last longer than on skin.

    BTW, those deflating bottles are so cool.

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    It reminds me of Demeter Gin and Tonic.

    Soda is good. Not my fave of the Synthetics, but I'll probably get a bottle eventually. My sample seemed both very strong and yet fleeting...

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