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    Default Creamy Soap smells

    I know of Black Code, and also Drakkar Noir also seems to have that smooth soap smell, can anyone recommend anyother?


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    Default Re: Creamy Soap smells

    When I think of soapy scents, I immediately think of Mugler Cologne and Creed Original Vetiver.

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    Default Re: Creamy Soap smells

    I mean in a Smooth Creamy way, like Drakkar and Black Code, OV is nice but not creamy/silky smooth.

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    Default Re: Creamy Soap smells

    I'm not sure what you mean because Drakkar and Black Code don't smell creamy or soapy to me. When I think of a creamy fine french soap smell and not a fresh Zest smell I think of Hermes Equipage.

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    Default Re: Creamy Soap smells

    Agree with Adeel on Equipage, and probably Monsieur Galimard for the same reason. I'd also recommend: Paco Rabanne PH. Gendarme V is also soapy and smooth, but not creamy, at least IMHO.
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    Default Re: Creamy Soap smells

    Yes, Paco Rabanne PH. It has a very soapy scent to it, with obvious honey accord.

    I would also recommend Tsar and Oscar.

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    Default Re: Creamy Soap smells

    paco ph,awesome stuff
    miracle l'aquatonic is true.
    a long time favorite of mine.

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    Default Re: Creamy Soap smells

    I love it too!!!!!!! Can't get enough of Black Code. I know what you mean. He means creamy and soft. As oppose to dry,spicy, and balsamic scents.

    You might try Mania for Man,love that scent. Creed SMW.
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    Default Re: Creamy Soap smells

    Maybe it's just me, but I find that Racine - MPG's wonderful blend of citrus and vetiver - has quite a soapy quality once the citrus notes burn off. I mean soapy in a nice way here.

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    Default Re: Creamy Soap smells

    Fragonard Concerto is a wonderful citrus fragrance that recently got as a gift. It's a great citrusy, soapy fragrance with a very creamy, slightly sweet personality. A wonderful fragrance, really.

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    Default Re: Creamy Soap smells

    The most overtly creamy scent I know is Vétyver Haiti by Comptoir Sud Pacifique. Other scents that have a creamy feel include Angel for Men, Balenciaga PH, Le Dandy by D'Orsay, and Laura Biagiotti's Roma, the latter smelling like an orange-vanilla ice cream dessert treat.


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