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    Default Deodorant sticks

    I myself only have one deodoraant stick le blue issey(and by that i mean the ones that have a fragrance too ,not like nivea ,if you get my point)And i was thinking since some of my favorite frags are too strong for me maybe i should get the stick versions of them instead.

    So my question is.Do the stick´s usually resembel the cent?.Meaning , are they as good as the cent it self ,can you get the same feel from the stick as the cent?

    I was thinking of gettin the likes of Lolita lempika ,Nemo ,Ungaro III etc.

    Are the sticks good?Or is it just vaste of money?And what sticks capture the cent good and which ones dont?

    I hope i made some sense


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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    Honestly, most deodorent sticks don't do the job in the neutralizing odor department. You'd be better off with a good non-fragranced stick and using either the cologne or after shaves (or lotion, depending on the product) if you want lighter versions.
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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    Quote Originally Posted by Informer
    Honestly, most deodorent sticks don't do the job in the neutralizing odor department. *You'd be better off with a good non-fragranced stick and using either the cologne or after shaves (or lotion, depending on the product) if you want lighter versions.
    Yep. Too true. You could apply a GOOD unscented deo and follow it with the frag's deo...that'll get you thru the day.
    Even so I find the a/s balm or a lotion smells more like the original frag than the deo ever does.
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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    IMHO, they're a waste of money. The few I've tried don't work that well, and are quite different than the EDT. I swear by Mitchum solid unscented.

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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    I haven't come across a scented deo stickk that I've liked. They all seem really sticky and only keep odor away for a couple hours. I concur w/ the previous suggestions of an unscented stick and a lighter form of your favorite frags. Or, take the bottle and hold it away from your chest as far as your arm can stretch & spray once. That way the scent isn't as concentrated.
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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    I am also quite sceptical about deo-sticks. Of course they resemble the specific scent, but overall they don`t do justice for the fragrance.
    I use non-scented roll-on deodorant myself, and I do recommend this to everyone else.

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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    IMO, scented deo's suck....I have had a lot of them, and found out Kenzoair keeps the "sweaty-smell" away, but gives you an even worse smell..

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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    I've been through a few deodorant sticks and all of them sucked except one: Bvlgari PH.

    It actually smells like the fragrance but it's light - just like the fragrance itself sooooo meh. For me, it actually kills off any BO that I would have otherwise.

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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    About 7 or 8 years ago, I made the mistake of buying Tommy T with the deo stick. 1/2 way through the day at work, it became apparent it wasn't holding up. I think I ended up throwing it out as there just wasn't any sense to wearing it if it only worked for a few hours.

    The stuff you find in the grocery store is probably the best route--just purchase something with a light scent (or non-scented). I spent a little bit more yesterday and picked up Tom's of Maine, as I like some of their other all-natural offerings. The lemon-grass stick has a pleasent, light smell to it, and I'm really impressed with how well it's held up (I haven't noticed any sweat at all).
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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    I agree that the way to go is using unscented antiperspirant sticks or roll ons coupled with scent e.g. Mitchum Roll On or the far more expensive Clinique or Lab series sticks.

    But to answer your question, some sticks are not a waste of time, but many are. In general terms, those with alcohol seems to more often be full of scent that can last up to a day - the D&G Homme stick, for example, could easily substitute for their EDT. Other good ones in my collection are Chopard's Heaven and Oscar for Men.

    The alcohol free ones tend to be much harder things to put on, and have a much lighter scent - I think they are a waste of time. I have Obsession and Body Kouros sticks which I'd place in that category.

    However, remember that deodorant sticks' main function is not to stop you sweating or to make you smell good. Their function is to stop your sweat decaying and smelling bad. From that perspective, and assuming you have something against sweat inhibiting antiperspirants, then none of the above are a waste of money, as they probably all do that job pretty well.

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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    The best deodorant stick I have found are the unscented ones that have LICHEN or active enzymes.

    Go to a good health food store and look around. Kiss My Face makes a good one, as does Earth Sciences.

    They both have ingrediants that destroy the odor causing bacteria with out masking it our preventing you from sweating. They easily last all day.

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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    Does anyone use Arm & Hammer's ultra max invinsible (unscented antipersipirant deodorant) solid? I use this on a daily basis & I highly recommend it - inexpensive & it does not leave marks on ones apparel.
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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    Quote Originally Posted by phersurf
    The best deodorant stick I have found are the unscented ones that have LICHEN or active enzymes.

    Go to a good health food store and look around. Kiss My Face makes a good one, as does Earth Sciences.

    They both have ingrediants that destroy the odor causing bacteria with out masking it our preventing you from sweating. They easily last all day.
    A little off topic but what is it about the aluminum in non-natural sticks that is supposed to be so dangerous. Also, does anybody use any variation of DEGREE?
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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    As for the aluminum in deodorant being dangerous...that was just a myth. I've heard numerous times that it is in fact not bad for you and it was just a rumour. The rumour said that deodorant had tiny pieces of aluminum that plugged your pores by jamming into them and that kept you from sweating by not allowing any sweat to escape from your pores. Supposedly keeping the sweat from escaping kept toxins in your system...I don't know if that's how the deodorant(antiperspirant actually) really keeps our armpits from sweating, but i do know that our bodies don't sweat to get rid of toxins (though some solutes do leave in sweat, the function of sweating is not to rid ourselves of toxins). So antiperspirants aren't depriving our body of a critical means of ridding ourselves of toxins.

    As for fragrance deodorant sticks, i'll agree that i wouldn't waste my time on them. I remember in high school i bought a few and never really relied on them, but then i wore one specifically for prom. I realized i smelled funny only an hour or so later...then i realized that that funny smell was BO! Fortunately i had a tux on so not much BO escaped (hopefully). From then on i've noticed that all the fragrance deodorants i tried did the same thing. Personally, i'd go with the shower gel for the layering (i really like a good fragrance shower gel).

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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    I've always used the fragrance deodorant sticks (or sprays) as far back as when I strted wearing fragrances. I used them in conjunction with the other bath products.

    I've never had a problem finding them effective. I particulary found that the ones for which the scent lasted a long time were Paco Rabanne PH, Givenchy Pi, Guerlain Vetiver (post-2000) and Jaipur.

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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    I'm with Pherserf on this one: the natural ones are the least irritating and work well. Underarm odor is not problematic for me in general, but I do think that leaving the pits totally neutral after a day of massage therapy and then hitting the gym merits a positive review. *As a sidenote, Tom's of Maine put out a roll-on ANTIPERSPIRANT and deodorant for a couple of years that was truly amazing - dry pits while working in the yard in the Summer amazing - but the FDA made them yank it because it contained alum and not the regular aluminum yada-yada and they decreed that plain old alum had not been officially sanctioned as an anti-perspirant and so they would not allow old Tom to label it as such. *I hope they cleverly relabel *and relaunch it because it was a truly great product. *Nice, non-offensive clean smell, too. *My fave these days is Mandarin Spice by Alba Botonica. *Don't bother with the Tea Tree, though - it smells of mint gum for a few minutes and then quickly nothing at all. *

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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    I recommend an Antiperspirant called Certain Dry. *It contains a large dose of aluminum cholride at 12%(and not this is not harmful to you). *Certain is unscented and it applied only at night before bed time. *Once its applied you will not sweat under your arms for a week therefore you only have to use it sparingly you can take a shower and scrub your pits and it will still keep working. Also don't worry your body will find some where else to sweat since you turned off the arm pits.

    This product was heaven made to me I used it now for over 7 years. *It was recomended by my doctor and now CVS even make a knock off of it called Ultra Dry.

    But of all I always found other deoderents just masked a problem and make my fragrance of the day smell off.

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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    I love the Old Spice High Endurance FRESH scent! Keeps me dry all day the it smells great! My girlfriend loves the smell too! She thought it was some nice smelling cologne! BTW, the scent isn't too overpowering.

    I also like ClarinsMen Deo, a bit more expensive.

    I can't wear aluminium based deo, my body reacts to it and leaves yellow rings around my clothings.
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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    Quote Originally Posted by abimanyu
    I also like ClarinsMen Deo, a bit more expensive.
    This is the one I wear at the moment whenever I do not have a deo stick that matches an EDT. *I do have a number of fragranced sticks - Floris Elite, Brut, Eau Sauvage, Dior Homme, Azzaro PH, etc - and I find them effective in keeping the sweaty smells at bay but often rather unlike the EDT. *I would not consider wearing a deo instead of the EDT, but rather in addition to. *I tend to follow the MikefromManhattan approach but do accept there are differences in the way the various products smell - not always, but usually.


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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    I had my first experience with scented deodorant sticks this week. I purchased a Platinum Egoiste by Chanel and a Vetiver by Guerlain. I own both fragrances already.


    1. The vetiver stick smelled similar to the actual fragrance but had more of a grapefruit twinge to it. It lacked enough resemblance to the actual fragrance. I was hoping that using the deodorant stick would increase the longevity and intensity of the fragrance but it didn't. The fragrance and the deodorant do match up nicely together but not in the way I had hoped for.
    Not really a loss but a rather expensive purchase at $30 from NM. That is roughly half a bottle of juice!

    2. The PE Chanel stick smelled a lot different to me than the actual fragrance. It did not go through the complex dry down process that the fragrance does... which in my opinion makes PE so interesting. There was just one pronounced smell that lasted the entire time. It reminded me so much of Quorom and Opium which just don't work on me. PE deodorant does project a hint of what is in the actual fragrance yet gives it an entirely different scent that in my opinion cannot be enjoyed together with PE. Cost $20 Sephora.

    Also worth mentioning are both sticks burned like hell on my skin. I seem to gravitate towards chalky deodorant sticks and not the glazed over wet looking ones. Those irritate my skin for some reason. Does anyone know why?

    I agree with other forum members that using a non scented run of the mill deodorant is the best. You can even look for something that goes well with your fragrance. I use speed stick 24/7 fresh rush and that works well with a lot of the mens fragrances available and is much cheaper.

    I wanted to up the smell factor and use them as a body wash for silliage but it didn't work. Would after shave mimick the actual fragrances better and would they work as a body wash for staying power?

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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    I personally really like the deo sticks of fragrances. They enhance the fragrance, and because of the heat produced by the skin in this region, actually help to project the fragrance. In most cases I would say that the fragrance is identical to the edt - in a few cases slightly different. One example being Kouros. The deo stick of Kouros seems spicier and I actually prefer it to the edt.
    The only negative experience I have had is with the deo stick of Coriolan, from Guerlain. It´s an anti-persperant stick which is bad because it blocks the skins pores, and in the case of Coriolan leaves sticky lumps under the arms. I have tried /and use many - and 99% are fantastic and enhance and project the edt.
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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    in my experience, most of them = overpriced, burns your underarm, and don't last long

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    Default Re: Deodorant sticks

    Mitchum Power Gel - Unscented for me.

    Frag deods all too often go in an unfavorable direction, plus I personally find them an unnecessary redundancy.
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