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    Default Givenchy: First men's scent in 14 years

    This is an old cool clipping a friend of mine passed to me from 1985 WWD, note Keryus is Xeryus! Enjoy I loved reading it.

    Parfums Givenchy will launch Keryus simultaneously in the United States, France and the United Kingdom in October. It will be the company's first men's entry in 14 years.
    In many ways, the fragrance is the "male counterpart' to Givenchy's year-old Ysatis fragrance for women, said Jean Courtiere, president and director-general of the Paris-based company. "We want to renew and modernize the Givenchy image for men,' he said.
    Like Ysatis, the name Keryus is a creation of the company. The iridescent, deep blue bottle has an architectural shape similar to the one for the women's scent and it is partly because of the success of Ysatis the company decided to move quickly to launch a new men's scent.
    "We tested three names by asking people in seven countries what each one evoked. For Keryus, their answers were consistent with our concept of luxury, refinement and sophistication,' Courtiere said. "It had to be six letters because Ysatis was six letters. It had to sound sharp, strong and masculine, like a whip.'
    Parfums Givenchy's worldwide sales, which includes Givenchy Gentleman, Monsieur de Givenchy, L'Interdit and Givenchy III, is $83 million, he said. The U.S. subsidiary accounts for $18 million of this, and the UK operation does $8,800,000.
    With a volume of more than $14 million, Ysatis is the company's bestseller in the U.S., said Lawrence J. Aiken, vice president and general manager of the New York-based subsidiary. His men's fragrance sales are $3 million. He predicted Keryus will push the subsidiary's sales to $22 million this year.
    Keryus costs 30 to 35 percent more than the other Givenchy men's scents. The line consists of eau de toilette and after shave, each in 200-ml., 100-ml. and 50-ml. pour bottles and 100-ml. and 50-ml. spray bottles.
    The Keryus line will include the company's first treatment product. Keryus Active After Shave Treatment Cream, at $24, contains elastin, collagen and ingredients to protect skin from the sun's rays. The fragrance prices range from $20 for the 50-ml. eau de toilette pour to $50 for the 200-ml. after shave pour.
    For Christmas, Parfums Givenchy will offer a $20 purchase-with-purchase, (a time management planner) and two gift sets.
    Firmenich developed the floral, woody, semi-Oriental fragrance. The top note is a blend of grapefruit, geranium, basil and thyme, with a middle note of rose, jasmine, violet, cyprus, sandalwood, Chinese cypriol, bay, clove and artemisia, with a bottom note of musk and amber.
    Pierre Dinand designed the bottle, which has three vertical slabs in graduated sizes on the face and back. Keryus and other graphics are printed in gold. The simple black cap has a gold band at the base. The iridescent glass used for the bottle is the result of a new process developed by French glass suppliers and is achieved by spraying a metallic oxide onto hot glass, Aiken said. The black cartons, lined in red, are based on the bottle--an embossed matte and glossy black design gives them a three-dimensional look.
    Keryus will be launched in Parfums Givenchy's full department and specialty store distribution in France, roughly 1,800 doors, and some 900 doors in the United Kingdom. Like Ysatis, it will be available in only 550 of the 1,200-door U.S. distribution, Aiken said.
    Next year, the men's scent is slated for the rest of Europe and the company's full network of 140 countries.
    According to Courtiere, approximately the same amount that was budgeted to launch Ysatis will support Keryus. In the U.S., $2 million will go for TV and print advertising and in-store activities, Aiken said.
    A 30-second commercial for Keryus-- which has not been completed--will air during the last two weeks of November, Aiken said, adding the Ysatis commercial is scheduled for the first three weeks of December.
    October, November and December editions of men's and city magazines will carry the print ad. Esquire, Gentlemen's Quarterly and Playboy will have the ad nationally as well as New York, Chicago, Texas Monthly, California, Philadelphia and Washingtonian magazines in regional markets. All of them will tag stores. Although the ad has not been finished, Aiken said the headline will be: "Keryus. For Men. The strength of emotion.'
    Retailers will have the product at the same time in October, but Aiken has delineated stores that will launch the major promotional activity for two weeks before their competitors. The launch stores will have scented direct mailers that promote the gift-with-purchase, a silver-metal key chain miniature of the bottle that houses a Keryus-scented pellet.
    These stores are Macy's, New York; Burdines, Miami; Marshall Field's, Chicago; Neiman-Marcus, Dallas; Dayton-Hudson Department Store, Minneapolis; J.W. Robinson, Los Angeles; Macy's California, San Francisco, and Frost Bros., San Antonio.
    Other in-store activity will include sampling with pacquettes and boxed
    miniatures or vials. An 8 1/2-minute audiovisual will reinforce the positioning of Keryus as a classical but modern fragrance. Beauty advisers will wear bow ties and cummerbunds in a red-and-black fabric designed specifically for the launch.
    Although the fragrance business has been static this year, Aiken is not worried about the Keryus launch. "The men's and women's fragrances are a bit difficult at present,' he said, "but the ones showing the growth are those that are new and exciting. The customer wants change. Everyone wants something new.'
    **Please note this article is the property of
    WWD; 6/6/1986; Wiest, Robin
    COPYRIGHT 1986 Fairchild Publications, Inc.

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    Default Re: Givenchy: First men's scent in 14 years

    Yeah. Keryus is Xeryus! I asked bn back in the day when I landed an old school bottle of Xeryus that was marked Keryus. I found a similar WWD article describing the whole renaming situation, but I was denied access to it due to my lacking a subscription.

    Interesting read .

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    Default Re: Givenchy: First men's scent in 14 years

    "Deep BLUE bottle"?? It has always been black to me!?

    How is yours?


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    Default Re: Givenchy: First men's scent in 14 years

    Quote Originally Posted by Mic
    "Deep BLUE bottle"?? It has always been black to me!?

    How is yours?

    Mine is deep blue .

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