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    Default The Return of Mercury

    Hey I am back and smelling better than ever as I've found the bestest scent ever created *for men - Paris Hilton for Men.
    . *Ok I'm kidding, I hold about as much awe for that as a I do for the movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin'." *Sheridan needs to be beaten with a stupidity stick . . . AGAIN. *

    Sadly I've been so immersed in working in film and finishing my MFA that I've neglected the scent world. *I returned recently and felt like crying or assaulting a perfumer. *WTF?? Paris, Brittany, Trump, Cummings (a scent I actually LIKE), then we have Be Delicious (that ho' needs to go back to Parsons and learn her shizzle right, her clothes are sufferring to), and then Azzaro making scents named after 90s rap group has beens, Kenny Cole making JUNK, Claiborne tastelessly jabbing into the hip hop scene, Givenchy making a knock off of a Gucci failure, Bond creating knock offs of Creed, and lord wait wait wait an industry trying to make a buck off imitation or celebrity status woooo kinda sounds like 'GULP!' Holywood (not a typo just a reference to an album). *Ok so I have only loved L'Instant out of the oodles of new juice over the years. *Oh and an obscure scent from Italy rocked my world too. *But PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE SOMETHING GOOD. *Now I anxiously await trying the Slimane Dior scents and the luxe line from Hermes. *Whats up with Tom Ford? Interestingly enough one of my actresses in my current film had Tom Ford do her hair for an event and *he seemed to fancy her. *Isnt he gay? *I did claim that *my film, Satan's Rainbow, will turn any gay man straight and any straight man speechless. *Erotic is beeing redefined but apparently so is Tom Ford. *

    Cheers Merry Christmas Happy Kwanza, and Happy Chanukah to everyone who believes,

    Oh and the booze notes annex makes Grant OFFICALLY the coolest bloke since James Bond.

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    Default Re: The Return of Mercury

    Just when you thought it was safe... I feel like we've been visited by the ghost of Christmas Past. Oh wait, that would be Mando! I guess I was confused with the whole (Freddy) Mercury bit.

    Ali, can you believe the Pirates look like they actually have a decent shot of climbing above .500 this season? And hey, it could be worse with Azzaro--they could have come out with a scent named "Twelve Inches of Snow", "Vanilla Ice", or "House of Pain".
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    Default Re: The Return of Mercury


    (Dammit Bark, you beat me to the Mando reference-I fell out of my chair!)

    Missed you around here, but I figured that you were probably really into your projects. Glad to see you back. I can't wait to see "Satan's Rainbow". When and Where will it be released. And please tell us that you did include some kind of "cologne scene", just for the amusement of your friends here at Basenotes! lol.

    As for the Slimane Dior scents...well read my review thread of Eau Noire. And the other two Bois D'Argent and Cologne Blanche remind me a bit of Helmut Lang EDC and Bulgari Au the Blanc. They probably won't blow you away, but still worth a try. Its good to see that you like L'Instant. I hated it after buying it blind, but after a week I really started to like it.

    Well anyway, lets hear more about Satan's Rainbow.

    but yeah, when I saw the screen name "Mercury", it DID give me a "Sheer Heart Attack" (kisses, Mando if you're reading this!)



    PS, ROTFL on the whole Azzaro/ONYX bit

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    Default Re: The Return of Mercury

    welcome back Hg! you quick-footed messenger of the gods...too busy delivering messages i guess. I'm surprised you haven't tried the luxe line from Hermes given your sobriquet.

    BTW your caduceus reminds me...if only other snakes would REPENT and come back to post.


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    Default Re: The Return of Mercury

    Glad you're back!

    BTW, I agree on the Kenenth Cole junk, the celebuscents, and a lot of the other junk on the market.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
    -"Mama", My Chemical Romance

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    Default Re: The Return of Mercury

    My nemsis is back! I think I want to hug him {{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}} first I should spray on some Paris Hilton for men.

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    Default Re: The Return of Mercury

    Hi Al,
    * It's good to hear from you - I've missed your authoritative, no holds barred, one line, right on the money, reviews. Which was the obscure Italian scent that grabbed you?

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