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    Just getting back to the dating scene and I realize I should give myself all the help I can get. My cologne use has been infrequent at best and normally stuck with what I have been given as gifts. So I want to expand my horizons. I am just looking to start my collection. So here is what I am thinking. First I live in phoenix so I am trying to avoid the heavier scents. I have read as much as I could and have a rough idea for what should work. I am looking at getting maybe four or so different colognes start off with.
    For work- Heritage
    Day to day wear- Live Jazz or Lanvin
    date/night out-Caron's Third Man
    Date- Silver Mountain Water

    I dont mind if you tell me I am completely off. I would like one really nice cologne hence the SMW. Thanks for the help

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Have you tried Vetiver by Guerlain? That's my hot weather fragrance. It's fresh, green, citrusy, cleanly sharp, and has a rawness to it as well. It also reminds me of the desert too for some weird reason...perhaps a desert that's next to a forest.... if that exists.

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    It seems like a pretty good selection to me, though you'd want two scents to rotate with in day to day wear. I'd never considered SMW specifically as a date scent, I have it categorised as "more formal" in my brain.

    Others you may like to consider for later acquisition could include some fresh, not too heavy, orientals for night time use like Envy or Hanae Mori. Or some fresh mossy scents like 212 or Kiton (my favourite date scent).

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    Your selections should serve you very well--good job.

    I agree with Renato about eventually adding a light Oriental and a mossy. *Kiton is a great scent and would work beautifully in rotation with Heritage as an office scent (it's one class act) as well as a date scent. Guerlain Vetiver is an all around adaptable scent and will work for about everything.

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    I personally wouldn't use SMW for a date, but then that's just me. I would recommend getting something warmer and sweeter. As mentioned earlier, Envy is a good one. I also like Pi and By Man for this purpose as well. Your choice of Caron's Third Man is an excellent one for evening wear. It has a lot of presence and will not go unnoticed. I suggest you go to the store and just start sniffing away to get an idea of what you like.

    Welcome to Basenotes

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    Thanks for the help, added envy and 212 to my buy list. Plan on looking for kiton, but as you said, its seems hard to find.

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