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    Default Summer/Winter and Day/Night scents

    What classifies a scent as being a summer/winter fragrance and a day/night fragrance?
    Is it based on the notes? Are there some "general guidelines" to follow?

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    Default Re: Summer/Winter and Day/Night scents

    Hi modicon

    IMO, temperature is one of the factors. Generally, you would need light, fresh and clean scents (citrus, aquatics, fruity, light florals, etc.) for the day activities and for spring-summer season. In the other hand, warmer, spicy and full-bodied scents (heavy florals, spicy woods, amber-vanillics, etc.) , seem to fit better the outdoor coolness of the night and the coldness of the autumn-winter season.

    And hey, welcome to basenotes.

    « L'odeur de rose, faible, grâce au vent léger d'été qui passe, se mêle aux parfums qu'elle a mis.»
    [ Paul Verlaine ]

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