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    Anyone try these yet?? Tried the whole line today, I'm surprised these haven't gotten more airtime. not bad - my favorite by far was the Bois d'Encens - The rich woods, very very impressive, smells very expensive, like a lutens. My next favorite was the amber, Ambre Soie, then maybe the Eau de Jade - but all in all, the Bois d'Encens was the best. I don't think the line is necessarily worth the price, its a little too expensive, but had they been more reasonable, a nice set of releases.

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    I absolutely hated the whole line! What a waste; it was cheap garabage. The one that was ok was jade but, still, garbage.

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    My favorite is the Ambre Soie....I must disagree...I believe that these are wonderful fragrances.

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    Ambre Soie is my favorite of the series and is one of my favorit fragrances. I also like the other 2 but find them to be very short-lived. For the price, they should really contain a higher ratio of oil.

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    Indeed wonderful frags. I also like AS the most, and I agree that they should have better oil concentrations.

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    Only tried AS, which I loved, and found really long-lasting..

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    The line is O.K *and very safe. There is nothing wrong with any of the fragrances. Would I buy it? Yes. It Would make a nice gift for my girlfried's grandparents. Armani is versatile. They can do bad fragrances for the younger consumer, and O.K fragrances for the older consumers. Now the next step is a good fragrance.

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