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    Default The scent with no scent

    I bought a bottle of Tabac Original blind. It arrived last week, and I tried it out that night. I put one spray on each wrist. It seemed fairly potent and I liked the scent. One spray on each wrist seemed about right. The scent lasted several hours and I could still smell it faintly the next morning if I put my wrist to my nose.

    Today, I am wearing it for the first time except for the try out last week. I put on one spray per wrist again. A minute later I realized I couldn't smell anything. I applied some more. Still nothing. I ended up with a little behind each ear and eight sprays on each wrist. Still almost nothing.

    I got to work a half hour later. I'm sitting here now, and if I put my wrist to my nose I can just barely detect a slight scent. What happened? How could a bottle of cologne lose it's scent in five days?


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    Default Re: The scent with no scent

    It didn't! You just caught a cold!

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    Default Re: The scent with no scent

    Don't do the mistake I did. I used to blame the product instead of the nose. Due to that, I bought one discount Creed, thought something was wrong with it, ordered one at a luxury store for 300$, thought it was damaged by the heat during shipping, and then bought the same bottle a third time for 300$ at a local luxury store. Each time it was exactly the same.

    Turns out my nose had changed a lot during the last year so it just wasn't as pleasant as before.

    The same thing has happened to me with basically every wooden masculine fragrance ever. I thought they had a problem, that they smelled of "perfume alcohol". Turns out what I was getting was cedarwood and I just didn't like that.

    Same thing for other fragrances such as Labo Rose and Air Du Désert Marocain. For those, I actually couldn't smell them at all, or almost, so I would pour a lot to see if I could learn to smell it. It was only when I used them in moderation over my neck that I started smelling them, and loving them.

    Finally, for two perfumes I had initially liked (Lolita Lempicka and Masaki Matsushima Mat:Very Male), I bought the bottles and couldn't smell anything. I figured they just made the testers at the store more potent. It turned out my nose had lost some of it's sensitivity after a friend poured 50 sprays of Lolita Lempicka on me. A year later, I can smell them a bit better.

    Anyway - I have blamed perfumes on at least 20 occasions and every single time, I learned it was my fault.

    I recommend you try wearing one spray per wrist, and maybe one or two sprays on your neck. You will probably smell it more than if you pour a lot and try to smell it up close.
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