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    Default Highland Lilac Perfume

    Anyone ever hear of or try out this stuff
    I'm not getting any response on the female side...go figure...but maybe one of you guys has tried it out or bought it for your girlfriend. It is $50 an ounce so it is pretty high end in that regards and has been around for quite awhile. There are no reviews on it anywhere that I can find.

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    Default Re: Highland Lilac Perfume

    I did a quick google search....

    I've also searched off-and-on for a scent with lilac in it.

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    Default Re: Highland Lilac Perfume

    Madscientist, you should try Caron's Royal Bain. That one has lilac in it.

    Fine fragrance is alive; it breathes, unfolds and unravels with each passing hour....

    Roja Dove

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    Default Re: Highland Lilac Perfume

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Barry
    Madscientist, you should try Caron's Royal Bain. That one has lilac in it.

    The Basenotes directory reviews warrant a search for a sample. Added to my "to try" list.

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    Default Re: Highland Lilac Perfume

    I just ordered a sample from the website. I hope this is good because i have always loved the smell of lilacs.

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    Default Re: Highland Lilac Perfume

    Just got my sample last night and what can I say but this is just the purest lilac smell I have ever encountered. It ranks right up there with Pur Desir de Lilas by Yves Rocher as far as true lilac scent although the drydown isn't plasticy or chemical and it lasts quite a long time as opposed to Yves Rocher which is quite disgusting after about an hour and then it is gone.
    Be forewarned that this frag is quite powerful and will more than likely enflare your nostrils if not applied gently. Since the bottle is $50 for 1oz I see that as not a problem. I put a few dabs from the sample vial, which by the way comes in a very nice decorative and informative card, on my wrist and I could still smell it in the morning as if I just put it on (well pretty close). I would contemplate maybe even diluting a little to make a great spray because I think the frag is just too damn powerful, like Geir. There is a slight green note in there as well which gives it a rounded out smell but still, this is pure lilac. The best I have smelled so far

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    Default Re: Highland Lilac Perfume

    Still awaiting my sample.

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    Default Re: Highland Lilac Perfume

    Yeah, apparently it takes 20 days to mail a sample > I guess it depends on the season maybe as the springtime might warrant more staff and thus faster service. I might make a weekend by going up to the lilac festival in the spring and maybe, just maybe come across a female who loves lilacs too ;D I think it would be a cool idea to pick up some of these frags and mail them to special friends with sprigs of lilac. I know I 'm weird. :

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    Default Re: Highland Lilac Perfume

    I got my sample in the mail yesterday. Took about 3 weeks. You are correct. It is a beautiful, pure lilac scent. The best i have ever smelled. I may have to get a full bottle soon. I wish they made a 100ml bottle though.

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    Default Re: Highland Lilac Perfume

    Finally received my sample vial....CRUSHED! :'(

    The juice had completely leaked out of the vial and the package. However, the card that the vial came attached to was still quite saturated with the scent. I agree with all before me- this is a perfect rendition of a lilac bush blooming in the spring. Very linear however. It smells like lilac and nothing else. Very strong. It is beautiful but I don't know if it is a scent that I would care to smell on a woman.


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    Default Re: Highland Lilac Perfume

    I had better luck- my sample came in four days, safe and sound. It really is a true, beautiful

    fragrance. I agree probably not to be worn on it's own but what layering potential!! It has a

    creamy depth that is long lasting and quite delightful. Thanks Nosy!! :-*
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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