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    Default Aramis Surface Skin Tonic

    Anyone have this frag in their collection? Pretty sure it has been discontinued, however still can be found in the 60.00 - 70.00 price range. Can you describe its scent. Does it compare to any other frag? Is it a cologne, eau de toilete, or parfume?

    Appreciate any and all info.



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    Default Re: Aramis Surface Skin Tonic

    I have it ... along with a "liquid powder" that came in a set (the liquid powder is super weak).

    The frag itself is an EdC and, as EdC's go, is fairly long lasting. I like the way it smells when I first spray it on ... but the drydown I'm still undecided on. It's a fresh smelling cologne, but not much sillage and stays very close to the skin. I really can't describe the notes in it but definitely worth sampling if you can find it.

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    The aramis Surface Cologne Spray EDC smells exactly like a peeled cucumber!
    It even comes in a cylindrical bottle with light blue juice inside :
    It is not very versatile; and belongs to the class of fragrances which were (are?) popular during the reign of the so called fresh, ozonic scents.

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    Default Re: Aramis Surface Skin Tonic

    I have a very strong opinion of this one.

    It IS very much a cucumber smelling fragrance with a bit of mint.

    It's supposed to be a very light, everyday kind of scent.

    BUT JESUS CHRIST...This scent is one of the STRONGEST scents I've ever encountered. It seriously holds its own against A*men and Joop! When you spray it on you think, "ah this is such a light inoffensive clean scent", but its as loud as hell. I wore this to work once and a co-worker was like, "damn, your cologne is making me sick!" and it was just one spray under the shirt.

    You smell the scent and you're like I don't see how anyone could be bothered by such a scent, but you need a jackhammer to get it off of you.

    Try it if you can find it, its kind of a nice scent, but beware because it behaves differently than you would expect! IMO it has ALOT of sillage. And it can come off a little bitter as well as fresh. I actually enjoy the cool, fresh smell of it, but don't over-apply thinking no one will smell it...

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    Default Re: Aramis Surface Skin Tonic

    Thanks for the input guys. I am considering buying a bottle of this and I will definitely remember your warning, Indie-guy, about the tremendous sillage it leaves. Go lite, seems to be the only method with this. Seems like that will be really hard to do, especially since it is a nice clean, cool type of aroma. I would imagine it would be very easy to overdose with this scent and not realize it until it's too late!! I do love the cucumber and mint aroma plus there are many body wash products on the "drug store" circuit with this aroma blend. One more thing. Do any of you kind gentlemen compare the scent of this frag to any other? Seems like I don't remember seeing anything with cucumber/mint in their notes.


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    Default Re: Aramis Surface Skin Tonic

    Surface is pretty unique. The only thing I can compare it to is a cross between Tommy T and Tommy Freedom.

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    Default Re: Aramis Surface Skin Tonic

    There's a powdered version of this selling at a factory outlet mall that features the whole of Clinique. I tried it on, got a good squirt of it on both arm and shirt, and yes, it does bring to mind a room full of freshly peeled cukes, and yes to the seemingly eternal nature of the thing. Days later it was very noticeable at the laundry and once the shirt was out of the washer and into the dryer there it was again, released by the heat. Not a bad scent but if you don't like it I can see where it might be the stuff of nightmares, the scent that wouldn't leave or something like that.

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    Default Re: Aramis Surface Skin Tonic

    I have both the cologne and the powder. The notes of cucumber and mint mentioned in the database site really sum up the whole fragrance. It is a great frag for warmer weather and casual days. I have found that it wears much differently from one person to the next. On some people it smells too light, others too sharp, and many too loud, as people have already mentioned. It wears perfectly on me though - not too close, but no one has said it has "A-Men affect" either. If you can find it somewhere, try to make sure that you like it first. It'd be a shame to spend over $50.00 simply because it has been discontinued, only to find that you don't like it as much as you thought you would.

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