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    Default Creed Original Vetiver

    My friend is in love with Creed's Original Vetiver, and I quite like it too, but neither of us can afford the Creed price tag. Are there any fragrances that are similar?

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    Default Re: Creed Original Vetiver

    Mugler Cologne is very similar on the top notes but dries down differently. You can get Original Vetiver for a decent price on ebay or

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    Default Re: Creed Original Vetiver

    A lot of people on here compare it to Mugler Cologne. I find OV to be much more complex, refined scent. I also have longevility problems with MC.

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    Default Re: Creed Original Vetiver

    I own both and IMO Orginal Vetiver is much better. I almost never wear the Mugler anymore since I got OV. As already mentioned, there are good deals on ebay or you might check some of the discount net shops for a tester. You should be able to pick one up for about $50.

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    Default Re: Creed Original Vetiver

    OV is in a class by itself IMO. CbyM is a mere shadow of the Creed frag. There is a reason it costs more .

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    Default Re: Creed Original Vetiver

    If you like the soap aspect of OV than purchase Mugler. However, if you enjoy the grassy scent, than Guerlin's Vetiver may be the thing for you. It is very masculine, and takes itself seriously. Oh, and it lasts much longer than Creed OR Mugler. :P

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