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    Default Laguna and Gaultier2

    Laguna was my last signature scent for about one year almost each day. Now I've been using Gaultier2 for about two weeks and have the feeling that the drydown is very much the same of these two. Sweet, with a bit tobacco ad much vanilla. Yesterday at a company where I had a day working girls kept sniffing 'what is this terrific vanilla aroma?'
    Also similar that at the beginning the top notes are nothing to like -that is I don't like at all-, but after a not too long time everything will be all right.
    I know from the reviews that lots of you dislike Gaultier2 beacuse of the topnotes. I dare say it's worth to give it ample time.

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    Default Re: Laguna and Gaultier2

    Strangely, I like Gaultier2. Perhaps it is my recent exposure to complex fragrances that I can't stand its linearity. Mr.Col would love this post, as he is a big fan of G2.

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    Default Re: Laguna and Gaultier2

    I adore Gaultier2 from top to bottom, no dissonant notes there to blemish the composition as far as I'm concerned. I haven't detected any similarity with Laguna though, but then again I can't remember the last time I smelled it.

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