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    Default State of your Wardrobes (new houses, etc.)...

    And now, for my first-annual State of the Wardrobe address...

    Over the past few months, my wardrobe was constantly in flux. I said both "hi" and "bye" to L'Instant, Lolita, Le Male, and Bvlgari Aqva. I finally got Burberry Brit, I scored a Bvlgari PH gift set for $27, and I tested some Bond No. 9 scents.

    But there's some big news that broke recently. Hell hath froze over for this Mugler maniac...I'm actually starting to broaden my reach. Don't get me wrong: I still love Mugler scents, but my horizons are expanding. Still, I'm starting to wear my other smellies more SOTD is SMW.

    New houses have been added to my collection: a Lauder men's scent collection from my friends arrived last week, and a nice bottle of CdG 2 Man is on the way (hence my new photo and signature). There's still plenty of room to discover: In 2006, I will try my best to test at least one scent each from L'Artisan, MPG, Caron, Lutens, and the CdG parfumsPARFUMS series.

    And the state of your wardrobes, please?
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
    -"Mama", My Chemical Romance

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    Default Re: State of your Wardrobes (new houses, etc.)...

    My wardrobe, once constantly expanding with newer additions, has come to a sputtering halt.

    I've been spending my money elsewhere these past few months, especially on pricey clothing for some reason.

    So right now I'm on a break... ;D
    I'm actually vowing not to buy more than two new bottles next year, I really don't need that much. Once in a while I should treat myself, but it shouldn't be an obsession, which it was a few months ago.

    Speaking of CdG 2Man, have you tried it yet? You seem pretty excited by it, I hope it won't leave a bad impression when you smell it. It happened with me the first time, but it grew on me in just a day. Dry, sharp, and bold, it's a great night scent. I can't help but think of me in NYC, with a suit, along with a gorgeous girl by my side on a winter evening (but we're inside.) And to add more of this randomness, I also think of browns...

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    Default Re: State of your Wardrobes (new houses, etc.)...

    I thought I would never get into niche fragrances because I once considered them overpriced scents aimed at fragrance "elitists". However, I've been exploring a lot of them lately especially L'artisan, Diptyque, Comme des Garcons, and Etro. I couldn't resist being curious about them after reading all the reviews in the directory. While they will never replace my beloved designer scents, I now understand why many people here are big fans of them.

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