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    Default Drakkar Noir....

    Am I wrong or right.... Today, I sniffed Drakkar Noir and it is much softer as in the 80ies... Have they done a update on this ? Its not so sharp anymore and hardly noticeble after a while...such a shame..
    opinons guys ? :-?

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    Default Re: Drakkar Noir....

    Oh no. I'll have to go test some and see too.

    I sure would be sad if this great loud juice has had its volume turned down from eleven, but still, I've had my period of life with Drakkar Noir, and it was great. I don't think I could wear it again, so the chance of this news's truth leaves me guilty of praising a scent instead of wearing it.
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    Default Re: Drakkar Noir....

    I recently got my hands on some classic designer scents, and one of them happened to be Drakker. Although I liked it, it didn't seem to last to long on the skin. I could be wrong but doesn't anyone think Drakker smells similar to Anvers in a way.
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