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    Well I have very few frags but im growing and most of the frags I bought blind and I don't like them....armani black code "my wife doesn't like it and I don't care for it neither"....givinchy blue labe"ok but my sons wear it I don't....armani aqua "too many very young adults wear it"....obsession I love but its too old and wy wife loves it also but I need a couple of new ones I also have d&g gucci envy dreamer which I like these but I need more and different variety so can somebody help me out

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    What kind of fragrances are you looking for, what do you like?
    Woody? Sweet?, Fresh/aqua? Expensive?

    Give us some more info, the great people here can give you some great recommendations!

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    I like all types but not cheap ones and nothing that everybody wears and I don't like very sweet smells..something like a breeze off the snow mountains and maybe scents that's similar to creeds portugal and others I'm deciding right now between rocus man and angel. I like all types but I need advice from u pros ty

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    I think you need to go out and visit a store and take it from there... Read what people are talking about here and that will give you an impression what we are fond of. If you like everything, than it is hard to give a specific advice.

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    I'm a little confused by your posts fdcaa3 (perhaps I've been slurping too much of that store cupboard brandy). You don't like sweet smells but you're considering either A*men or Rochas? Sounds like you're definitely after some kind of gourmand there (and not my area of expertise). For woody - as in dry woody, you might want to try Gucci pour homme or Rush for men (I prefer the latter - it's pretty damn near log cabin). Tam Dao (Diptyque) is my favourite sandalwood, but that is more creamy woody. Silver Mountain Water fits your poetic description best I reckon, though I don't go for Creeds myself.

    Good luck.

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