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    Default Geir Ness & Hanae Mori

    Alright, here are two scents that hardly has passed unnoticed here on Basenotes. You can find pretty much tons of comments regarding both when you do a search. I believe I'm gonna get both, probably blind as well since I know how easy I could pass them onto someone else here. But for now I'm just going to get one (plus Diesel Plus Plus since it is so dirt cheap over at of them.

    Pros and cons, on both please. Or, why not try to sell me one of them with your smooth talk

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    Default Re: Geir Ness & Hanae Mori

    I only have Hanae Mori, I had to choose between HM and A*Men a few weeks ago, but decided for the heck of it got both, even tho I am happy with my purchase but theirs something about HM that puts me off wearing it, it starts of nice citrusy and sweet but after about 3-4 hours it starts to get nasty very sweet and mossy in a bad way smells like a sweet forrest. *I found A*Men way better then HM.
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    Default Re: Geir Ness & Hanae Mori

    I find just the opposite!

    A*Men starts off too sweet and continues to be too sweet.

    HM is way less sweet on my skin and has a complexity that comes across as classy.

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    Default Re: Geir Ness & Hanae Mori

    I favor the Geir Ness beauty and simplicity more than HM myself. Hanae Mori is nice stuff, sure, but I think it smells a bit too pop and is a bit to obvious. I prefer the hunt and the curiosity that Geir implants in my mind while it's on my skin.
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    Default Re: Geir Ness & Hanae Mori

    We all know how I feel about Geir.

    HM really is a nice scent. Some call it a gourmand, but to me the chocolate notes really aren't obvious until the drydown. I like it, but what ruins the scent for me is a lingering citrus note that I feel clashes with the vanilla sweetness. I've described it before as smelling like "orange-flavored cough syrup". It's less pronounced in the EDP version, but it is still there. It's that one note that gets tiring to me at the end of the day. I remember thinking that HM would be really great if it didn't have that citrus note...and then Dior Homme came out and solved all my problems. If you do get HM, I would personally get the EDP version. It's like comparing Opium EDT with Opium EDP. The EDT version has a fresh note that clashes with the sweetness, while the EDP is more rich and heavy with vanilla.

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    Default Re: Geir Ness & Hanae Mori

    2 completely different frags ... but my opinion is Geir blows away nearly anything it's up against. It's fresh, versatile, long lasting, etc. What more could you ask for?

    HM to me is definitely in the gourmand category and there are much better gourmands out there ... IMHO.

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    Default Re: Geir Ness & Hanae Mori

    Actually, it won't be either this month. I just realized that my account connected to my tiny record label wasn't getting bigger. I will try to stay off new scents for two months and save that cash to the label instead. BUT when I finally purchase something again. it is going to be Geir. Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Geir Ness & Hanae Mori

    Record label? That sounds awesome. What kind of music?

    By the way, good choice with the Geir.

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    Default Re: Geir Ness & Hanae Mori

    Quote Originally Posted by teflondog
    Record label? That sounds awesome. What kind of music?
    Haha, well, it might be the smallest label existing known to man, but it still do exist. I'm mostly into experimental music, so everything with a twist really. First release out (a 7&quot was a tour EP with Jessica Bailiff, Drekka and Rivulets. Drone pop is what I usually call it, or dream pop. Next one out is an electronica EP with the Swedish band Differnet. I have a few others in the works too and they are more abstract and minimal in their approach.

    I could see myself releasing both black metal and hiphop really, as long as it talks to me in some way. There is really no focus on the kind of music, just out of the ordinary and I have to love it.

    It is a very expensive hobby, therefore I hardly ever release anything. And I don't make any money off of this, I only loose some (a lot). The first EP cost me about $1100 to release and I can't remember getting much back. It is fun though, and I love helping out artists I admire myself. It is rewarding in it's own way.

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