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    Default Heavy or gourmand scents suggestions

    Hi all, its great to be back home again ;D. Anyway I have two questions. First one is which other scents are similar to Kouros or Antaeus? I espically want something like Antaeus, strong and dark but not as formal. IMO Antaeus is like black tuxedo suits kind of dark, and not gothic dark. I want something gothic dark.
    The other question is regarding gourmands, and I actually asked about this already on the temporary board but I still need more opinions. So which one do I get, Cristobal or Rochas man? Or HM or animale animale? Or all of them? Anyway all input welcomed.

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    Default Re: Heavy or gourmand scents suggestions

    Gothic dark? Look no further than Etro Messe de Minuit

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    Default Re: Heavy or gourmand scents suggestions

    Wow! I just looked up for the Etro Messe de Minuit in the basenotes directory and it is unbelievable how every single reviewer of this scent associate it with medieval gothic churches. It's not even like saying it smells like incense or anything, they all say it smells of old gothic churches.

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    Default Re: Heavy or gourmand scents suggestions

    Messe de Minuit is really a masterpiece!
    While it's not for every day, I do wear it to work or for clubbing every now and then.

    But I wouldn't classify it as a gourmand. If you can find it, give Versace's Versus Uomo a try, you won't regret it!

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    Default Re: Heavy or gourmand scents suggestions

    Hey Mugler,

    I always associate the frankincense/olibanum note as "dark", like mysterious dark IMO, and is one of my most favorite notes in a frag composition.

    I think Gucci PH or Tommy Bahama is great for a dark composition, not the dank rotting kind, but the mysterious kind, and not stuffy formal frags either. I also read in the past that Van Cleef and Arpels is also dark, but it might be too formal.

    I've gone another direction in frag hunting and looking at Arabic perfumes lately, and I bought a bottle of something called Sultan which is described as :A heavy Oriental blend, with rare Indian Agarwood, Bulgarian Rose, Amber, Saffron, Galbanum, Chypre Notes, Fruits and has a Base of Sandalwood, Musk, Woods and Amber. What you get is something reminiscent of Antaeus, but the Rose (attar, way different than the synthetic stuff) is well combined with the woods to make something from another time, very sophisticated but somehow doesn't command a tuxedo like Antaeus. Arabic perfumes are so reasonably priced for a good lot of them, they're oils so they last forever, and the added plus is they sometimes come in fancy bottles and housed in fancy boxes. Sadly, they for the most part have to be blind purchases, but not a bullet to the head like a niche purchase, unless you can find an arabic market or store in your area that they might be nice enough to let you try.

    Phew! Didn't realize how long this post would be, but hope this might help a bit.

    Close your eyes, so you can see what you're smelling.

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    Default Re: Heavy or gourmand scents suggestions

    I've always thought that Havana was like a (much) easier to wear version of Antaeus.

    I own HM and love it. Until I got HM I wasn't a great fan for gourmand scents, but this is good stuff! IT's also been my leading compliment getter the last couple of weeks. I thought this nurse was going to attack me at me Doc's office the other day ;D

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    Default Re: Heavy or gourmand scents suggestions

    HM Men (Hanae Mori) is excellent. I purchased some at Sephora little over a month ago. I wear it every few days. I received a fifty dollar gift card to Sephora and posted here for some suggestions. I went in to nose around and try a few things when I resampled the HM. I inquired about a sample and the sales person gave me a couple plus some other fragrances to test. First time I met a SA that was so generous. Well after a couple sample bottles I liked enough to buy. I thing this fragrance could be worn anywhere/anytime. Its sorta sweet but gourmand doesnt come to mind. Woods, light spice, lightly sweet and a smidge of citrus. Great smelling mens cologne.

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    Default Re: Heavy or gourmand scents suggestions

    How about Darkness? Any one remember that scent? Its not expensive but its Gothic in my book.

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    Default Re: Heavy or gourmand scents suggestions

    For Gourmands look no further than Hanae Mori HM.
    You should be able to sniff it at Sephora, Nordstrom,

    It lasts a full 24 hours.

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    Default Re: Heavy or gourmand scents suggestions

    For a dark fragrance, you might try Eau Lente, by Diptyque:
    Opoponax galore, and long lasting.

    Santos Concentree by Cartier should smell somewhat similar
    to Antaeus and would be a dark fragrance to consider.

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