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Thread: Tabac Original

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    Default Tabac Original

    What do you guys think - An old man fragrance or mass-market masterpiece? The citrus notes on top followed by that sweet drydown

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    the eau de cologne and eau de toilette are like totally diffrent version of the scent. *I find the cologne to be too sweet and floral where the edt is spicy rich with vetiver not sweet at all.

    sad part is very hard to find the edt in USA

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    Scentimus, very interesting! I've never tried the edt - only the eau de cologne.. which do you prefer?

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    well guys, I bought the eau de colgne version last week, after trying the eau de toilette..IMO the edc is more refreshing and lasts longer... My hairdresser, a great trendy man in his 30ies, uses the after shave..and he also says that nothing beats the after shave's typical scent..As I never uses as, I choose the edc version and quiet satisfying..Yes, its a massa product, but it has survived ages...and is still going strong..wich you cannot say from many nowerdays new designer scents ! And you can buy still the soap, deo"s, facial creme, hairshampoo and stuff....
    Great classic...
    It has against it that it is the so called 'old man" fragrance but young girls like it to !! And don"t forget...its the man that makes the frag..not the othter way !

    Have a nice weekend friends...Greetings from a white Belgium (snow ;-) )

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    Timeless masterpiece, no doubt. After all these years it was launched it is still going strong: It has very distinctive scent and I don`t know anything quite like it!

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    It's an M3, baby! *(Mass-market masterpiece.)

    Flawless stuff. *Plus, dear old Dad wore it. *So I get good memories/vibes whenever I splash some on. * *

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    Scentimus, is this the EDT you are referring to?

    This image is from

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    Default Re: Tabac Original

    Tabac Original is great fragrance. It is a mass market masterpiece--I voted for it as such this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilson

    Scentimus, is this the EDT you are referring to?

    This image is from
    NO This is Tabac Man another wonderful scent from them. This is a more complex version of Contraction for men. A great deal and a wonderful scent to add to the collection.

    Here is the scent I am talking about a basenoter who lives in Germany was able to send me a bottle of it.

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    Thanks for that, Scentimus! *I had no idea there was an EdT version. *Adding it to my list now...

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    Maurer & Wirtz is one of my favorite houses and totally underappreciated. Tabac Original is well known but the rest of the line is sadly overlooked. My three top favorites after Tabac Original are:

    Tabac Man; an incredibly complex composition that changes from moment to moment. It's all built on an admittedly unoriginal patchouli / vanilla accord but the effect is very classy and very appealing.

    Tabac Sport: Not a barn burner but a definite solid entry in the enormous "fresh" category. It's the one that always gets my attention. Maybe it's that sweet cedary/marine foundation. Anyway, it's shockingly cheap so get it now while you can.

    Marrakesh Tales / Fishbone: Citrus and spice and unlike ANYTHING else in a bottle. Sadly, MT was discontinued but M and W released Fishbone last year and the new juice is nearly an exact replica of Marrakesh Tales but... I hate the new packaging and the new name. The old bottle and name are much classier.

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    I also love Tabac Man: Very appealing bottle first of all, and inside it gets even better.
    To me this is very leathery scent, and I am suprised to see that no one else doesn`t seem to agree with me.
    Anyway, I think it is like leathery-fougere-resinous, if that makes any sense at all.

    And then, how about Tabac Culture Arena Di Roma?? Has anyone tried it?? If not, you shoud, because it`s a wonderfull frag! It is kind of sweet scent, but it is able to maintain very masculine charachter. It is something like Le Male without heavy plastical vanilla, but instead with refined apple twist! It`s quite amazing stuff, and very hard to dislike I think.

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    I agree a very over looked house that show that cheep doen't mean cheep quality.

    I gain more complements with Tabac Man.

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    I love Tabac Original. It is utterly refreshing to me IMHO, and has excellent duration. The closest thing I have to it is Tuscany PH, and I think Tabac Original completely trumps it.

    However, I have talked with a couple BN'ers who have said that the scent is too synthetic smelling to them. I can understand where they are coming from; there is a bit of a plastic smell coming from it. However, I love the 1980's cassette tape smell : Tuscany Per Uomo doesn't have as much of the synth smell IMHO, but I think it is still there. I'm thinking it is the carnation.

    I have Tabac Man but was not wowed by it like I was Tabac Original.
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    Default Re: Tabac Original

    Well, just as follow up to this, I've recently acquired a bottle of Tabac Original EDC Spray for the low price of $20 - Cheap for around here, the 100ml spray usually goes for $30-35. I can't get over this stuff, really great. It has such an amazing base that supports its floral silage. Snooping around the M&W website, I found the dedicated site to Tabac Original:

    If you click on 'Journey Through Time', then 'History of the beard in advertising', then year 1960 - this has a link to the Original Tabac Original TV Commercial from that year - fantastic. In fact, I sent an email to their marketing director mentioning that if they ever try mass-market TV advertising again to air that original commercial from the 60s - has a lot of potential to uplift Tabac Original to the younger market - maybe even as a cult classic 8-)

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