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    Default lanvin arpege ph and herrera chic

    Hi all, I have a question. Yesterday I sniffed these two scents in a shop and one was a citrusy sweet thing , another was somewhat dark, leathery, sweet gourmand-like thing. I like the latter but now I cannot remember which is which. : So pls help me out. Any other input regarding these scents is also welcome.

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    Default Re: lanvin arpege ph and herrera chic

    I haven't sampled Arpege, but I know that Chic is not close to being gourmand. It's the citrus scent.

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    Default Re: lanvin arpege ph and herrera chic

    Then it must be the Argepe. It not really that dark or exactly gourmand, only relatively darker and woody. Anyway thanks for your reply.

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    Sorry if my first response was not very descriptive. I looked further into Arpege and it turns out that it is an anise-based scent so that means that it has a sweet "liquorice" quality to it. That may explain the gourmand-like notes you perceived while testing. It also has heavy woods and spices so it is darker than a typical citrus scent. I'm confident that the "dark, leathery, sweet gourmand-like" scent that you are looking for is indeed Arpege.


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    I don't detect any anise or liquorice note in Arpège PH, but it isn't definitely citrusy!
    • Top notes: pink pepper, bitter orange and neroli (like the feminine launched in the 20's)
    • Heart notes: iris, jasmine, maté, nutmeg
    • base notes: Snadalwood, vanilla, ambery woods

    I tryed only once but liket it... maybe I'll but it in the future. I think it will become a new classic. It has a classic scent structure but with a modern twist. Also the package is a true bridge between tradition and futurible design: it reminds the mythical black bowl but encapsulated in modern shades and transparencies. definitely not so dark but surely mysterious
    I think the citrusy one you tryed was the more easier, citrusy-tobaccoish herrera chic.

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