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    Default Jaguar Performance

    Any opinions on this?
    What other fragrances does it resemble?
    How does it compare.
    I find it fresh, green and vibrant, not like any other i've tried ...

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    Default Re: Jaguar Performance

    Does it have real panther bits so I know it's good?

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    Default Re: Jaguar Performance

    Its crap. really disappointing. It smells like nothing, and smells cheap. It is along the lines of a 'our version of acqua di gio', garbage. Now that said, some of the earlier scents under the Jaguar name, very very nice.

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    Default Re: Jaguar Performance

    I tried to like this one as it was mellow and green but, inevitably it always induced a headache with me.

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    Default Re: Jaguar Performance

    I remember this one as extremely powerful. It lasted until the next day which on me is quite uncommon for a fresh scent. It really is just a "hey, we want a citrus too" kind of scent as mentioned above. Longetivity is the biggest plus on this one I guess...

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    Default Re: Jaguar Performance

    I've seen Jaguar colognes at my local Nordy's but never sniffed 'em.

    Which is the best (which for me means the richest/heaviest and the least "clean?&quot

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    Default Re: Jaguar Performance

    Ballard, give the original a try - a very unique blend of fern, citrus, leather, and tabacco. It is a toss up between the original and the Mark II release which always seems to remind me of the drydown of Angel.

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    Default Re: Jaguar Performance

    Thanks! Sounds intriguing and I will check those 2 out.

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    Default Re: Jaguar Performance

    It's a light, "modern" version of One Man Show. If the new Golden Edition of OMS smelled like this it would make a lot more sense. Performance is a bit musky, but it's natural smelling and well done (fairly complex for a "cheapo"' too). Very little sweetness makes it feel a bit formal but certainly acceptable for the office. You either like this sort of thing or you don't but the frag is solid.
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    Default Re: Jaguar Performance

    It smells just like Lacoste Essential which in turn smells like Boss Bottled Night.

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    Default Re: Jaguar Performance

    This one is ok, and is fresh, but the pimento/pepper note is quite prominent and doesn't seem to fit to me.

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    Default Re: Jaguar Performance

    As time went on the wood/patchouli base became quite strong, but not like "old school" frag, I think because of the lack of lavender.

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