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    Default Looking for good Vanilla scents

    Howdy Yall I am looking for some good smooth vanilla scents that still keep thier masculine quality. Anyone got any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Looking for good Vanilla scents

    I recently tried Bulgari Black and that was OK....However, My favorite Vanilla's are:

    Vanille Bourbon by IL Profumo
    Un Bois Vanille
    Calypso Vanille

    I don't know about maintaining maculinity...but I don't know what your definition of it is.

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    Default Re: Looking for good Vanilla scents

    Boucheron's Jaipur
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    Default Re: Looking for good Vanilla scents

    Quote Originally Posted by loungeboy
    Boucheron's Jaipur
    I forgot about this is pretty good...with a little spice right?

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    Default Re: Looking for good Vanilla scents

    Just do a search on masculine vanilla frags and you will find what you are looking for as I just started a thread on that subject not too long ago.
    So far the one that is keeping its masculinity is L'Artisans' Vanilia, at least for me.

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    Default Re: Looking for good Vanilla scents

    As a fan of the oriental scent category, vanilla is a note that I like very much. Here are my top ten vanilla frags.

    In no particular order:

    1. GEIR
    2. Caron Pour Un Homme
    3. Jaipur Homme EDP
    4. Laguna Homme
    5. L'artisan Vanilia
    6. Bvlgari Black
    7. JPG Le Male (although others hate it)
    8. John Varvatos
    9. Hanae Mori EDP
    10. Opium Pour Homme EDP

    A*men, Rochas Man, and Animale Animale are also good vanilla scents but they smell more chocolatey than plain vanilla.

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    Default Re: Looking for good Vanilla scents

    Nobobdy ever put

    Le male in the vanilla section is it me but it is full of it !!!

    Or you have a softer vanilla - Suivez moi by Fragonard and their Vanilla eau de toilette apparently one of the best !!!

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    Default Re: Looking for good Vanilla scents

    In rotation: Greenbriar (new), Silver Mountain Water, Dunhill for Men (1934), Acqua di Parma Colonia, Habit Rouge EDC, Ho Hang, B*Men, Agua Brava

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    Default Re: Looking for good Vanilla scents

    *ahem*... Givenchy Pi is total vanilla pie crust with a touch of golden autumn fruits (caramalised Apricots & peaches) over creamy woods! *Totally delicious.

    I keep trying to wear it but find it just too woody and masculine - even for me! *

    (I can wear Cerruti 1881 pour homme, Gres Cabochard, Bandit, YSL M7 etc very well)

    Another suggestion is Diesel Zero Plus masculine (which I also wear well *:P) a very spicy (cinnamon) fragrance with loads of vanilla. Surprisingly not too sweet - more woody than sweet.

    Go have a sniff and come back and tell us what you think (be nice or at least polite) *

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    Default Re: Looking for good Vanilla scents

    Although it is more than just "vanilla," Egoiste is definitely a vanilla scent at heart; the highly refined vanilla note lasts well into the exquisite dry down.

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    Default Re: Looking for good Vanilla scents

    If you're looking for a very masculine smell with a good vanilla dry down then Musk by Lorenzo Villarosi (sp?) will fit the bill. It starts off with a hint of floral mixed with musk, but as it dries it develops into a vanilla musk overtime. Pretty nice, but definitely sample before you buy.

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