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    Default Can a Nose be Worn Out?

    OK so this week has been a cologne sampling week. Saturday I smelled at least 15 samples before finding a bottle of M7. Sunday I wore the M7 and much later in the evening after it had worn off I sampled some GIT. Monday I wore some Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan in the morning and in the evening reapplied a spray. That brings me to my problem. I'm trying my Himalaya tuesday and I can't really smell it. It's not a spray, it's a sample to dap. When I put my wrist (point of application) up to my nose I can barely smell it after 5 minutes. Is it that my nose is worn out or is it that Himalaya is not just working on my skin well?

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    Default Re: Can a Nose be Worn Out?

    In my experience one needs at most a night's rest to recover. Maybe the sample of Himalaya is just old?

    Try sniffing at your other scents, and report back.

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    Scent's like wine tasting overload. You can just smell/taste so many before your olifactory system/palate gets dulled and shuts down. So with wine one usually has bland bread or crackers between glasses to clear the taste palate. You need to do the same with scent. The trick I learned is to stick your nose in a can of coffee beans between testings. Clears the scent memory wonderfully well.

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    I'm assuming that the Himalaya was the only scent you sampled on Tuesday? If so then sense overload should not be a factor. It would have been a factor on Saturday, in fact i'm betting the M7 doesn't quite smell like you thought it did on Saturday, but close enough for you to enjoy it. M7 is quite the powerhouse anyway. The sample of Himalaya is weak for you. Douse your wrist with it.

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    Default Re: Can a Nose be Worn Out?

    I do believe my nose has been worn out. I have no desire right now to sample any more frags. I've been going back to tried & true favorites recently, which are pre Basenotes. I'm sure this is just a phase, though
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    I remember the first time I started wearing fragrances, I couldn't wear them daily. I could not enjoy the fragrances fully if I wore them everyday. It was like 24 hour olfactory fatigue... Nowadays, either I've gotten used to that or my nose does not get 'worn out' as easily, I just wear them daily.

    Edit:I remember that I needed a 2 to 3-day recovery phase to recover fully from the olfactory fatigue. So I would use a fragrance on one day, and once more 2-3 days later.

    I'm not sure whether it's this(continuous olfactory fatigue), or my taste has changed, the fragrances I used to like don't smell the same anymore...

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    Default Re: Can a Nose be Worn Out?

    Yeah I think it may be that the samples are old. I got them from which seemed to be a very reputable dealer, but when the fragrance is in the vials you only smell the alcohol. When I put it on my skin, their is a little bit of top notes, but the fragrance dies quickly afterwards (45 minutes). No real midnotes, no basenotes. However when other people are wearing colognes I smell them instantly and can sense the notes strongly. Dissapointing because I was really anxious to try some good Creed samples. But at least my Serge Lutens samples have turned out good. Hopefully my L'Artisan samples will as well. Thanks to all for help.

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    Default Re: Can a Nose be Worn Out?

    I think I know what you mean. In some respects subtle fragrances are better this way than stronger ones. Your nose (or at least my nose) gets adjusted to wearing the fragrance, and although others might be able to smell it, you can't.

    It is kind of like working in a really noisy room. After a while you don't notice the noise, but everyone else does not understand how you live with "all that racket!"

    I've found that I have been able to pick up on the subtle fragrances through the day, albeit inconsistently, while strong ones I often can't smell through the day.
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