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    Whats up guys. I am thinking of adding a new fragrance to my christmas list. My collection consists of JPG Le male, Burberry London, Perry Ellis 360 Red, Armani Black Code, Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger, and Ferrari Black. I was thinking of getting Burberry Touch. I actually wanted that a while back but received London instead. Any other suggestions based on my collection? Is touch similair to any of them. I do not believe so but am not 100% sure. What would go good with my collection? Thanks! :P

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    I think you need another "black", so because of my own purchase of this one today I'm suggesting you write down Bvlgari Black on your wish list.

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    Personally I would round the collection out with a nice leather or tobacco scent. I haven't sampled Touch but I like London.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I am not sure I really would wear a leather scent. I guess an important bit of information I left out in the first post is that I am only 16. :-X I do not think a leather scent would appeal to my age bracket. Am I wrong? Thanks!

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    I felt the same way when I was around that age. Leather and tobacco scents didn't appeal at all to me. In that case, I'd recommend Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme. It fits all age groups. It is a blend of both citrus and tobacco so you get the best of both worlds. Many women find it pleasing as well so that's an added bonus.

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    Thanks buddy... But I do feel I rather Touch over DOlce and Gabanna.. Hell maybe I'll ask for both. I sampled the Dolce and Gabanna a few weeks ago but do not quite remember it....Wow who knew fragrance could become addicting?!?

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