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    Default L'Eau de Navigateur

    I know this one is discontinued but you can still get 100ml bottles here in Blighty. Is it worth getting one? I've smelled it a couple of times, but normally I've been on such a sniffing frenzy by that point, I've muddled up my frags. I love woody, spicy and smoky and L'Artisan have most of my favourites, so no harm done, eh?

    On another note, I've had a stack of mini samples arrive today. I am loving L'Homme Sage in particular.

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    Default Re: L'Eau de Navigateur

    Yes. Buy it. It's good, discontinued, and there is nothing else quite like it. It's eminently tradeable in the unlikely event that you don't like it.
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    Where is Blighty and how much are they selling it for? I've been thinking of buying it too.

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    Blighty is the UK - it's on L'artisan's website for £60

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    It's still for sale in the L'Artisan boutique in New York. At least it was in October. The SA assured that it wasn't discontinued.

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    The SA at Barney's called me about 3 weeks ago to inform me that it was being discontinued - and that they wanted to give me a call to let me know that because they know I love this fragrance. I have ordered one of the last (stocks in the single digit numbers in the US - when I last called the NYC store) few. Should be arriving very shortly. Am SO looking forward to it.

    Honestly, if you like smokey incencsy woodsy fragrances, do not let this puppy go.

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    Oh yeah - and both the boutique in NYC and Barneys informed me categorically that it was being discontinued.

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    It's discontinued. > Luckily i've stocked up on mine!!! ;D

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