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    Default No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    Hi, new to the board but certainly not new when it comes down to perfume. Been into it since I was in the 6th grade when my parents bought me my first Tabac! After that,these are the perfumes that I have used, in a sort of order from maybe from 1985: Tabac,OldSpice,OldspiceMusk,Jovan,JovanGambler,Ara misOriginal,EauSauvage,DiorJules,Aramis900,Devin,D rakkar,YSLPourhomme,YSLHauteConcentreePourHomme,Po loGreen,Obsession,Fahrenheit,YSLKourosOriginal,YSL Jazz,ClarinsEauDinamisante,EnglishLeather,WoodsofW indsor,VersaceVersus,Zino,Basara/Basala,Antheus,Egoiste,CliniqueChemistry,PoloSport ,PoloSafari,Ckone,CKbe,EmporioArmani,JoopHomme,Joo pNightFlight,Dune,L'Eau D'Issey Miyake,PacoRabbaneHomme,Escape,Eternity,GucciEnvy, BiothermAquaFitness,MuglerAngle,BulgariHomme,Gault ierLeMale,CliniqueHappy,LacosteHomme,ArmaniMania,A rmaniBlackcode,AramisLife,AramisCool,BurberryWeeke nd.

    So as anyone can see, I have my share of fragrance exposure. From all of these, the one that really struck me as "this is it, I love this,it is so me, matches my body chemistry,my demeanor,it lasts a long time on my skin(and on other people, especially the girls!!!!),people around me love it, girls love it(I mean unanimously,never met a girl that didn't like Armani Mania on my skin, they couldn't get their noses away from me!),I could wear it day or night,on hot or cold weather,what a scent!!!!!!!!

    As you can see, I'm nuts over Armani Mania Man, I love it! I've been using it since 2002. Now the bottle is almost empty. I was searching for something new and I asked my co-workers,my girlfriends,friends and they all told me, unanimously,to get another bottle! I mean, there gotta be something better out there? So I searched Basenote and tried the following at the mall: Givenchy PH Red and Blue,Baldasarinni,Del Mar,LacosteHomme,BlackCode,M7,AramisCool,BurberryT ouch,LancomeMiracle,RiveGaucheHomme,V.IGivenchy. I tried them all with my girlfriends, and all of them still love the Armani Mania!!!! I agree, non of them smells as fresh and as the same time masculine,warm,sexy and comforting as Mania for Man. They said that it just makes them want to cuddle up. It smells fresh, masculine,warm and it exudes tenderness,just like me they said!!!!!!! My girlfriend loves it too, she told me to get another bottle, she won't even try other scents.

    So for the mean time I settled with Black Code, the problem is that I have to spray it like crazy all over my body to get the same strength as Mania Man. For some reason, Mania Man lasts a long time, excellent sillage and strenght is excellent on me, definitely a head turner on me. Even if I put my arms around my friends, the scent sticks to their clothings, they told me many times that they could smell Mania on their clothings when they got home.Il love that!

    After my extensive experience, these are the scents that girls love(and I love at the same time, which is rare):

    Pre Coty Jovan Musk
    Armani Mania Man
    Armani Black Code
    Biotherm AquaFitness(the best citrus!Why do they discontinue this?)

    But as a whole, I've never gotten as much compliments as I did with Mania Man. Definitely no substitute, Mr Armani, please don't discontinue this aphrodisiac!!!!

    Sorry for the long post, been looking around Basenote for a month, so this was long!!

    Any substitute?
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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    Come on? Anybody bold enough to recommend any other brand? When I get a reply, I will go to the mall with my girlfriends this weekend and try your recommendations and pit your recommendations against Mania Man with the consensus of 6 beautiful Asian girls.....
    Top faves: Aramis Devin,Balenciage PH,Zino Davidoff,Trussardi Uomo,BlackXS,Sybaris,Furyo,HoHangClub,Santos Sport,KriziaSpazio,CarverVetiverDry,GIT,AmberSulta n,TeaForTwo,Dzing.
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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    Creed's Original Vetiver
    Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur
    Serge Lutens Daim Blond

    Give those a shot.

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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    Here are some good substitutes for Mania Pour Homme:

    Jeans Couture Homme (Versace). It's like an intense version of Mania;

    1881 Eau d'Ete Summer Fragrance (I've never smelled this but its notes are very similar to Mania);


    Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge

    So, try those out.

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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    Try Ralph Lauren' Purple Label. I'm figuring you'd like the oakmoss in this one.

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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    If you like Mania, I'd suggest trying Jack Black's Black Mark. It has some similar notes as Mania (saffron, Cedar), but wears a bit differently as there's a hint of leather in the drydown. I think it's one of the better scents of the year.
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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    Try these:

    Ralph Lauren Romance Silver
    Dior Homme
    L'eau de Issey
    Rochas Man
    Polo Blue
    Boss #6
    Creed MI
    Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme

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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    HAHA... Who many times do you have to spray yourself to get Mania to last on your skin. I can't even get an hour out of it. It's actually pretty soft.

    I think the girls will love these over Mania:

    D&G Pour Homme
    Creed MI and SMW
    Acqua Di Gio
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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    Hey abimanyu, I'm in the same boat as you. Mania was THE ONE for me. The ONLY thing that has come close to it is Versace Jeans Couture. Similar, but not stellar after I was wowed by Mania. The only others to really wow me since (but not similar) were Cuiron (not loved by ladies), New Haarlem (adored by ladies), Dia (OK with the ladies), and Aramis Bermuda Tonic (loved by ladies). Additionaly, I found that with more frequent use, the sillage and longevity of Mania seemed to increase. Perhaps I became more familiar w/ the scent, but others would comment on it as well. Go figure :-?.

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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    Try Lancome Miracle. Although not same as Mania not bad either.

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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    Yeah when I first got it I absolutely loved it. I'd feel a million bucks wearing it, fresh but warm and gentlemenly in the same time. I've gone off it a bit, no real reason, just mood I think. Hmmm. maybe tomorrow's SOTD?
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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    Welcome abimanyu,

    Maybe I misread your post, but it sounds like you and 6 friends tried to sample 11 frags in one day? Thats never going to work, especially if you are looking for something "better" than your favorite fragrance. I think you should go to the fragrance counter alone. Those 6 beautiful asian girls smelling scent strips for you will never help you pick out a scent. I'd recommend going to the mall and just spraying 1 frag on each wrist (even if your first impression is not great) and go shopping. Your friends will be able to give better input after something has been on your skin for an hour. More and more I'm learning to not trust scent strips and certainly not top notes alone to help me buy frags. I need to wear something for a good hour or 2 if not a full day before I'm willing to buy it.

    Anyway, reccomendations... I'm surprised you didn't like the Burberry Touch. It seems to me to have the same theme as Mania, though not quite the same ingredients. D&G PH is great too, but it is potent - a light spray is warm and sexy, 4 sprays is bug-repellant! Brit is also top notch in my book.

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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    Emporio He and Emporio Night He are Fantastic scents....Give these a spray...I 2nd the Purple Label.....Oh My!!!!! This stuff is Great!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    Miracle and Mania are made by the same parfumer, it's hard to describe but there are certain similarities! Miracle has unique red pepper note, it's absolutely lovely. Like Mania, you can wear it anytime anywhere.

    Like FatTony suggested, make a list of fragrances that might interest you and test just two at a time. And don't make your judgement too fast.

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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    My memory of Mania isn't the strongest, but I certainly remember the saffron softness and delight it carries. My only recommendation for something better in that direction is Diptyque's Opôné, which I like much much better. It is roses, saffron, and some woods.

    Good luck in your quest and welcome to the forum!
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    Default Re: No substitute for Armani Mania Man?

    While I am not really that inspired by the fragrance of Armani Mania, I must admit it is a crowd-pleaser. I've never gotten more compliments from women than when I have worn it. I like having a bit more repertoire, and wear things for me more than for others, so it's not really likely to end up in my wardrobe; but if you like it and the other people in your life like it, it doesn't make sense to me not to keep a bottle on hand.

    For other things that extend the character of AM in interesting directions, I'd consider Comme des Garcons 2 or 3, or Gucci Rush for Men.

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