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    Default Soapy: Creed Original Vetiver VS Alfred Sung Homme

    Gentlemen, I am in the process of purchasing a large number of decants from a couple of members and so I was hitting the Directory reviews for general impressions on the decants I'd be buying completely blind. One of them is Creed Original Vetiver.

    It has been described in the reviews as "soapy". The only other scent that I have ever recognized as "soapy" is Alfred Sung Homme, which I happen to REALLY like. Would I probably like the Original Vetiver's soapiness as well?

    Apparently, it's also very green as well. The greenest scent I probably own is Gucci Nobile. A soapy and green scent... sounds very intriguing to me.

    Thanks for any opinions that will contribute to the beautiful thinning of my wallet. ;D
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    Default Re: Soapy: Creed Original Vetiver VS Alfred Sung H

    I personally LOVE OV. To me it IS soapy, but it's a different kind of soapy than other frags. Like, when I usually think of "soapy" to me it means it's a clean & fresh frag that makes you feel like you've just gotten out of the shower. OV makes me feel that way, but it also makes me feel like I've used a really expensive & fragrant soap. Sorry I can't describe it any better, lol. But I definitely recommend it.
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    Default Re: Soapy: Creed Original Vetiver VS Alfred Sung H

    Sometimes I don't understand soapy scents.

    Save yourself $50 and take a shower! ;D just kidding

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    Default Re: Soapy: Creed Original Vetiver VS Alfred Sung H

    The most "soapy" scent out there is Grabazzi by Gendarme....Nothing comes close IMO.
    As far as scents go....OV is a much better scent is soapy but in a different way.

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    Default Re: Soapy: Creed Original Vetiver VS Alfred Sung H

    If you want a good idea of what Original Vetiver smells like then try Thierry Mugler Cologne, they smell very similar in the top notes.

    By the way I saw bottles of Sung Homme on clearance at my local TJ Maxx for $11 not sure what size.

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    Default Re: Soapy: Creed Original Vetiver VS Alfred Sung H

    The Directory reviews did mention OV's similarity to Thierry Mugler Cologne! Damn, if only I was aware of this yesterday morning, I could have tested out TM Cologne when I was out testing in the afternoon. Oops! ;D

    Adeel, unfortunately we don't have TJ Maxx here, but Sung Homme does sell quite cheaply... especially on Ebay. You got me hooked on that one, thank you!!! ;D

    I shower, sometimes twice a day even. [smiley=lolk.gif] I don't see much point in the clean scents lately... ;D

    Everyone else, thanks very much for the opinions... I'm gonna pay for my decants this weekend! I'm purchasing over $144 worth of decants (14 different fragrances). These should keep me from buying full bottles for a while, considering it will take a while to get through all of these properly... haha! ;D
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