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    Default Moschino Friends (2005)

    have anyone tried 'Moschino Friends Men' by Moschino??? :-?

    it suppose to be a new launche for this year, a friend told me that he saw it in europe & it was quite nice???

    Moschino Friends Men features top notes of Calabrian bergamot, green mandarin and blood orange; middle notes of bourbon geraniums, Mediterranean sea breeze and petit grain of Paraguay, and bottom notes of cedar wood, vetiver and musk.

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    Tried it the other day. Very similar to the original uomo ?, only a bit fizzier and citrusy. Nothing special, but hey, I didn't like the original either, so to each his own. One more thing - it's a tad more aromatic than its precursor.

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    Default Re: Moschino Friends (2005)

    Some these names make me want to..... puke....!
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