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Thread: Penhaligons

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    Hi, I would love to know more about peoples opinions of this range as I received a sample today of Opus 1870 which I fell for immediately. Usually it takes a few hours at least for my nose to appreciate a scent but this one was literally love at first sniff. I love the soft peppery start and rounds off beautifully with woods and musk, which I don't normally go for. Lasted throughout the day too.
    Are all their scents this good because if so I'm on the next train up to Covent Garden.

    Comments would be great, cheers

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    Try LP #9 for men - it is sensational. Long lasting and good sillage and a fantastic scent.

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    I sampled them ALL at the Penhaligon's shop in Vegas at the Forum Shops in Caesars. I wound up buying Hammam Bouquet, Douro, and LP No. 9. Endimyon was OK ... but very short lived on me. I'm still on the fence about Opus. I wasn't WOW'ed by it at first sample. They did give me a few sample vials of it so maybe one day it will hit me. Quercus I didn't like at all. Too generic smelling to me. I already own Blenhiem Bouquet and think it's great.

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    Blenheim Bouquet was my first Penhaligon´s scent, and everyday I´m more satisfied to have bought it.
    IMHO it´s a very good quality scent, fresh and with a fantastic lemon-pine note.
    Really great scent!.

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    Check out Castile. It's a Top notch citrus IMO. English Fern is one of my latest additions. Classy english scent.

    I also like Hammam Bouquet, never cared for Blenheim Bouquet. There's something about BB that I never liked.

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    They all are quality scents, but I'm gonna stand for Castile, one of the most underrated IMO. It's clean, soapy and the orange blossom smells just wonderful.
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    I am very much a tradionalist when it comes to Penhaligon's. I have Hammam Bouquet, English Fern and Blenheim Bouquet. The more modern scents from them leave me cold.

    Fine fragrance is alive; it breathes, unfolds and unravels with each passing hour....

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    Blenheim is nice and clean, but a bit generic-like with those eucalyptus-powdery notes. Limes is great in the citrus line. English Fern and Quercus are incredibly long-lasting, but not much wearable, you really smell like a truckload of ferns. I've sampled the other, but without great results. Perhaps I will go for Racquets next time, a balanced, fresh EDC.

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    I'm not a big fan of the house, but I think the creation of Hammam Bouquet gives Penhaligon's the right to exist and keep making scents. Hammam is fantastic with its rose and jasmine, but it isn't for everyone. I'm so very glad that it is for me though.

    I also own English Fern and Raquets Formula. I like them both but they sort of fit into the wordwook given the more pronounced and fantastic scents in my collection. Down the road I'll end up with a bottle of Blenheim Bouquet, because it is so distinct that it owns its aura so well, but in the store I didn't see myself wearing it.

    I don't know the new Opus, but all the others in the range I didn't like enough for purchase.
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    I really like Blenheim in hot weather, so well in fact that I drained a 10-ml decant last summer in short order. In contrast, I've had 10-ml of the LP no. 9 for a year and a half, and just never felt compelled to wear it more than a couple of times.

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    I like blenheim bouquet and raquets formula from this house. I have yet to own them though.

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    I recently recieved samples of Racquets Formula, Endimyon and Opus 1870.
    While I have no complaints about any of them (becuase I believe them to all be quality fragrances), I believe there are just better options out there. Endimyon came off powedery on me but I did like it and it lasted throughout an entire day so I didnt have the longetivity problems... Opus 1870 I did like but it lasted all of an hour and was a tad too sweet for me to see myself buying a full bottle. And RF is one that I havent decided on yet. Right out of the bottle it smells like something I believe I could pick up from Stetson and then just turns into a strange sweet spice.

    From my experience all Penhaligons are quality so if you like Opus 1870 you may like others.

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    I'm with Chris. I'm wearing Hammam Bouquet as my SOTE and it's really beautiful and quite unique.

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    I`m not a fan of this English House at all.
    To me almost all of their creations are followers of somebody else...

    But Hammam Bouquet is the one and only scent I could wear as unique cologne.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moon_fish
    I`m not a fan of this English House at all.
    To me almost all of their creations are followers of somebody else...

    But Hammam Bouquet is the one and only scent I could wear as unique cologne.
    I agree - I have wanted to like this house and have sampled nearly all their scents. I used to own Blenheim Bouquet but did not replace the bottle when it ran out. I own Endymion and do enjoy it but its nowhere near my 'top 10'.

    Hammam Bouquet is lovely and I shall add it to my collection soon.

    BTW if people like scented candles then they do some very nice 'wintery' ones. Also their oil diffuser with Ninevah oil is lovely at this time of year.


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    I have a couple of favorites from this house, most notably Hammam Bouquet, which in my experience is unique. I also favor Lords (now Douro), which is a power citrus, heavy on the woods in the drydown. I don't own but do appreciate Castile, a great neroli based scent of excellent quality. The others leave me cold, including Blenheim Bouquet. While I can see why others might like Blenheim, it does not work with my skin chemistry. The remaining scents are a little too generic for my tastes.

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    A short addendum to yesterday's post. I forgot that I also own Eau Sans Pareil, now discontinued, which is the mossiest scent I have ever smelled. Not sure I like it, but it reminds me of something from my youth. Also, while I don't currently have English Fern, it is a ringer for Crown Perfumery's Fougere, which is in my regular rotation. When I finish the Fougere, I will replace it with English Fern or Trumper's Wild Fern, which is also very similar. English Fern is an excellent office scent, plenty conservative, but which also happens to be just a little bit chic.

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    I find most of their scents pretty average, but like LP No.9.

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    I too just visited Penhaligon store at Ceasers in Vegas. While I did not try all of them, those that I did were not at all bad. However, I truly enjoyed LP 9 and walked out with just that one, as it was the most unique.
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    I use Blenheim Bouquet since I'm 15 and all male members of my family use the fragrance. Some friends of mine don't like the lemon in it. It doesn't last too long :-(
    Hammam Bouquet is another favourite of mine but I don't use it too much. One opinion I heard was that it would smell like a womens' fragrance... It originally was created for a turkish sultan in 1876 and men used to wear more flower scents (rose, jasmin) in those times. Famous italian filmdirector luchino visconti and his boyfriend, actor helmut berger adored (still adores) hammam bouquet.
    As a young man, I recommend Lp No: 9. It's a sensation, just a unique perfume that attracts women and men. Everyone I asked about it was fascinated.

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    English Fern and Lords are my picks from this aristocratic bunch. *One powdery and green, the other, a very warm citrus-wood. *I owned and enjoyed BB for years, but it just transformed slowly into something far too raw, astringent. *Irreconcilable differences was the case. *

    Castile is also a nice wear. *Neroli heaven.................

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    Default Re: Penhaligons

    Reviving this old thread.
    Favourites are LP No.9 and Sartorial.

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    I think Opus 1870 is the "star" from Penhaligon`s. After that, I will place Douro and Elixir.

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    Default Re: Penhaligons

    Quote Originally Posted by DustB View Post
    I'm not a big fan of the house
    Neither am I (whith a very very few exceptions).

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    I think Opus 1870 is the best of the line as well.

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    Default Re: Penhaligons

    Quote Originally Posted by moon_fish View Post
    I`m not a fan of this English House at all.
    Same here.

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    Default Re: Penhaligons

    Just like most other houses - there are some I like, and some I don't.

    I do enjoy:

    Hammam Bouquet
    LP No 9 for Men and Women

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    I admire the house for the diverse line.
    As said by some, it's not particularly my taste but i absolutely love Sartorial and I really like Hammam Bouquet and Opus 1870 (the crowd pleaser).
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    Not much love here. Violetta is fun. At least, it seems in the past couple of years they've tried to hire good perfumers and improve (Opus, Sartorial, Juniper Sling), though I don't think any of them represents the best these perfumers have done (in particular, Duchafour appears now to be overstretched and far from his previous best a la Jub XXV and Timbuktu).


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    Hammam Bouquet is splendid - it is impossible to dislike the top and heart notes, I think. (For a given value of 'impossible.') The base notes, however, are rather powdery, and not for everyone - I found them an acquired taste, going from disliking to appreciating them. It clings to clothing quite well.

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