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    Default Looking for honeysuckle

    I really love the smell of Fahrenheit by Dior. I understand that the main ingredient is honeysuckle. The only problem I have with Fahrenheit is that it's so popular and therefore want something slightly different. I heard that grey flannel smells a bit like Fahrenheit (is this true?) or does anybody know of any mainstream male scents that contain honeysuckle?
    Many thanks, Benjamin

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    Default Re: Looking for honeysuckle

    Chevrefeuille Original, by Creed.

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    Default Re: Looking for honeysuckle

    I detect a hint of Carot in Fahrenheit, everytime I smell carots I am reminded of Fahrenheit.

    I don't know about honeysuckle, but Dunhill Fresh smells a bit like Fahrenheit so you might want check that out.

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    Default Re: Looking for honeysuckle

    I agree - CO by Creed!

    I personally wasn't too fond of honeysuckle until CO.

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    Default Re: Looking for honeysuckle

    To be honest, I don't think Grey Flannel smells much like Fahrenheit. Grey Flannel does have a lot of violet in it however. I have never grasped the comparisons between the two, but it might just be my sniffer.
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    Default Re: Looking for honeysuckle

    Its not main stream by any means however,
    you wanted:

    Caprifoglio *(1997)
    Santa Maria Novella

    Considered in ancient times "the lover's ties", because of the way
    that the branches and leaves intertwine around their flowers,
    honeysuckle's sweet yet fresh fragrance has always been a
    very popular scent.
    Suitable for men and women;
    extremely sensuous?

    basenote says its for ladies
    SMN says... well you can read it above.
    Oh, what the hay - uh, I mean honeysuckle...

    Good luck


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