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    Default Chaos by Donna Karen

    I know this is discontinued and impossible to find but i was wondering what this is like? I have placed a bid for a bottle of this on ebay. Is it a good blind buy? I've read reviews saying that it is similiar to Black Cashmere. Is it? Is is suitable for a guy to wear in the same way Black Cashmere is? thanks for any feedback.

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    Default Re: Chaos by Donna Karen

    Despite chatter about structural similarities between the two, I prefer Chaos to BC. Chaos has always struck me as a green scent, and BC a chypre-oriental incensey hybrid. When BC behaves (which is to say when it delivers a nutmeg accord), it's stellar. When it doesn't, it's cold and annoying. Something prevents it from fully developing on my skin, most of the time.

    Chaos, on the other hand, has this wonderfully peculiar "milky pod" note to it, smack in the middle, that hints of midsummer's tangle of vegetation--and what is the proper name for that milky pod?

    Honestly, they aren't six of one, half dozen of another. To me they aren't that similar.

    Sonoma Scent has a wonderful dupe of Chaos at an unbelievable low price. It's one of her bestsellers and rightly so. No need to pay $150.00 for a partially full bottle, unless one is a purist.

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    Default Re: Chaos by Donna Karen

    I heard about some US fragrance named Anarchy which is made to duplicate Chaos.
    Maybe it`s Sonoma Scent??
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Chaos by Donna Karen

    Anarchy is an LLP (Long Lost Perfumes) frag made by the board owner of POL. Haven't tried it; very satisfied with Sonoma's extremely accurate rendition and the buzz on the boards is that Sonoma's is truer. Can't compare since I haven't tried the LLP version. The price of the Sonoma can't be beat.

    Anarchy can be found at:

    The Sonoma dupe (without fancy name) is at:

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