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    are there any fragrances that use strawberry?

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    As far as I know, there is no such thing as strawberry essential oil. So, if you are looking for a strawberry scent, it would have to be artificial. I have smelled some fake strawberry scents (Jolly Ranchers candy) and they aren't even close to what a real strawberry smells like to me. Now, I have smelled some wonderful artificial "berry" smells (Euphoria by Calvin Klein) and thought how terrific they can be. Actually, I read somewhere that Euphoria is supposed to smell like pomegranate but to me it's more like blackberry.

    Sorry, I don't know of anything with a strawberry accord. Maybe someone else can help out.


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    Is it me or do solifruit scents just get annoying after awhile. *I mean I love Mure et Musc but I just can't bring myself to buying a bottle and wearing it all day. *It overkills the nostrils after awhile too easily. *I'm thinking strawberry might be worse or else there would be tons of "good" frags based on fruit scents like strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, etc... I know they are added in frags to add nice texture but alone...too much. *I'm pretty sure they can replicate berry smell pretty well in frags now-a-days so it could be the annoyance theory.

    Oh sorry don't know any strawberry frags. I know blackberry, pomegranate and raspberry frags but not strawberry. Maybe Comptor Pacifique has somehting close as they tend towards tropical island scents and such. I know they have got some berry scents. I'll search a little

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    Try Givenchy pour homme, its not strawberry but maybe you will like it.

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    New Paco Rabanne Black XS has a strong strawberry note to my nose...


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    Although it doesn`t comprehend strawberry note (actually it`s raspberry) MontBlanc Individuel could be a good alternative for that what are you looking for.

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    I agree with Black XS. Also Hanae Mori smells like strawberrys to me but just a little bit

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    Agreed about Hanae Mori - I get a nice strawberrys & cream vibe from it during the drydown.

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    There are a few women's frags that have strawberry. Off the top of my head, Hanae Mori as has been mentioned and Carolina. Also, that Sin oil from Damien Bash smells just like strawberry chapstick to me. Not very sinful, but hey...whatever rings your chimes..haha

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