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    Default good cologne for 32 y/o?

    hey guys - i am new to the world of fragrances (at least purchased ones) and am curious if anyone would have some recommendations for me? *I would like something 'refined/classy' that can be appropriate for my suited working environment as well as versatile enough for a night out after work.

    i dont know that much about colognes, however, i am pretty sure that i do not want something overly masculine or in your face but rather something more alluring, complex, interesting, subtle yet distinctive (dont even know if such combinations exist). *I do kind of like the clean/fresh idea but i understand that this is very common and i hate the idea of not being at least somewhat, it occurs to me that this may not be the best choice in the fall/winter??

    one other parameter would be a very sincere desire to not smell like dad. im a fairly young, single guy and although dont need something particularly 'hip' dont want something stale, boring, or overly mature either (im a fairly immature 32).

    so, any good ideas to get me started? the stores selections are so overwhelming that i could use a little direction to at least know where to start. *also, am i correct with my concept of 'seasonal' fragrances (i.e. some best in summer, winter, etc)? if so, please let me know when it would be most effective to wear your recommendations.

    thanks in advance!

    oh - dont know if it makes any difference, but i have only two colognes total right now (burberry brit and paul smith london - - now that i think about it, i must have some sort of latent anglophile tendencies)

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?


    Baldessarini? It might come off a bit mature, but I think it is just oozing class. Duration is kind of iffy with it, and I haven't tried the Concentrate (or EDT or whatever it is called) version of this one yet.
    In rotation: Greenbriar (new), Silver Mountain Water, Dunhill for Men (1934), Acqua di Parma Colonia, Habit Rouge EDC, Ho Hang, B*Men, Agua Brava

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?

    Go out and try some Frags. Find something you like and test it out a couple of times and then buy it. Don't worry too much about the age thing.

    Good ones to try out:

    D&G Pour Homme
    YSL M7
    A*men and B*men
    Currently wearing: New-York by Nicolaï

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?

    I totally agree with nsamadi...also try out Chanel Allure Sport and Polo Blue.

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?

    Id say good old 212 would fit the bill

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?

    I'm 30 and these are my MVP's as of right now (some have already been mentioned):

    John Varvatos----(fall/winter scent that uses some neat ingredients)
    Creed Himalaya----(anytime/anywhere/anybody)
    Estee Lauder Pleasures for men----(fresh/clean but really, really good)
    Eau de Santal by Floris----(smooth, classy yet still sexy)
    Cristobal----(after it dries down it should be outlawed at night/close encounters)
    Creed Green Irish Tweed----(if you need compliments wear this one)
    Polo Blue----(underrated and not as common as you would think)
    Creed Original Vetiver----(oozes class, lasts forever, and doesn't smack you in the face)
    212 Men----(just plain smells good and lasts forever)

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?

    I'm 32 and I'll try to run the gamut from the easily accessible to the harder to find:

    Bvlgari Black: I have had numerous compliments on this one and it works in almost any situation. Brilliant scent

    Bvlgari Pour Homme: Quiet and understated but class as they come and another head turner

    Creed OV: similar to TM Cologne (which also is highly recommended), but better and more woody. Very nice scent and can be had for somewhat cheaply through Scentiments or other discount brokers

    Piper Nigrum from Lorenzo Villoresi: greatest scent ever made to my nose. Sexy and classy in one fell swoop.

    Must de Cartier: I prefer the edt to the essence though I"m in a minority. Classy sweet oriental that works wonderfully in the winter

    Creed MI: perfect summer scent and another one that is complimented left and right.

    Feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to send some samples of the above.

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?

    Quote Originally Posted by cookesoul
    Creed Himalaya----(anytime/anywhere/anybody)

    Creed Green Irish Tweed----(if you need compliments wear this one)
    I'll second both of these as a good starting point for you. They can be worn in many different settings and are liked by a lot of people here. Check them out if you have the opportunity.

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?

    I second
    * * *
    * * * * John Varvatos
    * * * * M7 YSL
    * * * * Bulgari Black
    * * * * Creed Himalya

    And recommend that you try

    * * * * Dzing! * * * * * * L'Artisan
    * * * * Mechant Loup * L'Artisan

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?

    Guerlain Vetiver and Guerlain L'instant would be nice ;D

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?

    Foetidus' Mechant Loup is another good suggestion. It's one of my favorites. 8-)

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?

    hey thanks for the replies so far guys - much appreciated (keep them coming!)

    i am curious, are there some scents that are better suited for going out at night vs. the workplace? It seems like from some of the topics i have been reading on here that this is the case. Are there any type of general qualities of a fragrance that would cause you to categorize is at as more 'personal' rather than 'business'? Could these generalities be extrapolated from pleasure/business to more broadly day/night?

    thanks again - very informative site

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?

    As you become more experienced with fragrances, you'll find that there are fragrances that will suit time of day, weather, your moods, the things you're doing, the time of year, etc. The combinations of these lead to an infinite number of fragrances that can suit any moment in time!

    For example,

    Guerlain Vetiver is a fresh, citrus-y, bright scent so it's better suited for: day time, warmer weather, business, etc.

    Chanel Pour Monsieur is a warm, gental, oriental so I wear it during: evenings/night time, intimate dinners/nights out, cooler months of the year.

    As you can see, most fragrances can overlap many situations in your life! I think that is the main reason why some people (including myself) constantly seek out and purchase so many fragrances is so that we can have a fragrance that can suit any time of the year, the weather at the time, our mood at the time, and what we're doing at the time.

    I think it's best for you to discover for youself what you consider a day/night, summer/winter fragrance, etc. The best way to learn in perfumery is to experience. Find out what you like and what you don't like.

    Go out and try out different stuff!

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?

    31 here and I suggest you try

    Hugo Boss Baldessarini Eau de Cologne Concentrée, Soul (new frag)
    Yves Saint Laurent M7/M7 Fresh (both gorgeous), Rive Gauche, Body Kouros, Kouros Cologne Sport
    Chanel Allure homme, Platinum Egoiste
    Guerlain L'Instant, Vetiver
    Lagerfeld Jako
    Paloma Picasso Minotaure
    Dolce & Gabbana pour homme
    Creed Green Irish Tweed, Bois du Portugal, Imperial Millesime, Silver Mountain Water, Taberome Millesime
    Floris Santal
    Gucci Envy
    Michael Kors Michael

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?

    There are some wonderful suggestions here, so I'll just say welcome to Basenotes!

    And try Visit by Azzaro!

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    Default Re: good cologne for 32 y/o?


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