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    Default Habit Rouge EDT or EDC?

    Lately, I've come across some great prices (online) for Habit Rouge. It's been on my list of must-try scents and I'm feeling like I owe myself a little treat.
    Since I'm buying this one blind should I get the cologne or the EDT?

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDT or EDC?

    Try to buy the Eau de Parfum ! It is the best one from the 'Habit Rouge family !! :P

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDT or EDC?

    An edp? That's news to me. THanks!

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDT or EDC?

    Rap, I bought a bottle of HR EDP from London. It's pricey--a little over 100 including shipping--but it's far superior to the other versions. It's more "rounded," not as sharp, and of course longer lasting. Just a fantastic scent that manages to improve on the original. The bottle is glass and leather. Extremely classy.

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDT or EDC?

    Here's a similarly titled thread that might help on the differences between the Habit Rouges:


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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDT or EDC?

    I like the EDT & EDC. Personally I prefer the lighter EDC for wearing to work, but the EDT is nice during the winter, and especially around Xmas time. I find the EDT "velvety." I swear I experience synthesia with the EDT.

    If you like agarwood (see: M7), there is a good chance you will like the EDP. I found it to be like the EDT with agarwood. In a mystery scent challenge, I found the EDP indistinguishable from the EDT until about an hour into the frag. The agarwood did not start developing on my skin until about an hour.
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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDT or EDC?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vicomte de K
    I swear I experience synthesia with the EDT.
    Maybe someone spiked your bottle with LSD! :

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDT or EDC?

    I ALWAYS experience synthesia. Perhaps I'll experience synthesia overload when I finally open my vintage bottle of Habit Rouge EDC ;D

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