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    Default x-MAS gift for dad

    Hi Guys,
    Im brand new, but man am I ever glad to have found this place. No more lamentable blind buys of Kenneth Cole Crapola for me! Im asking for some learned advice for my father's christmas gift. Ive seen Grey Flannel and some Boss stuff in his bathroom, so nothing too adventurous.

    He's in his mid-fifties and does lotsa business travel, as he is in seafood import/export. He operates out of Boston, but is from Norway, and definately comes across as European rather than American. He also works as a low-level diplomat for the Norwegian government (hence the Grey Flannel ).

    Any Ideas? I'd like something he hasn't had before, but then again, he's 50+ and hardly a fragrance connosieur, so nothing too far from his comfort zone. Also, much as I'd like to get him some exquisite Creed, its outta my range. Im thinking maybe Safari....?


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    Default Re: x-MAS gift for dad


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    Default Re: x-MAS gift for dad

    or EROLFA

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    Default Re: x-MAS gift for dad

    Wow Ren, GEIR sounds PERFECT! The only problem is that I can only find an EDP online, which I think may turn him off... you don't happen to know where I could get an Aftershave lotion and/or balm, which would givethe scent some trappings of utilitarian function and make him feel less like he's getting cosmetics?

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    issey blue

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    Default Re: x-MAS gift for dad

    Another vote for Geir. (for obvious reasons)

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    Default Re: x-MAS gift for dad

    What about Lanvin L'Homme ?Classy and mature stuff.
    It's never too late to mend.


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    Default Re: x-MAS gift for dad

    Santal by Floris

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    Default Re: x-MAS gift for dad

    I second Santal as well. My dad is also in his mid fifties and he loves YSL Kouros, CK Obsession, Lagerfeld Jako, YSL Rive Gauche, YSL M7, Chanel pour monsieur concentrée and Creed Bois du Portugal (that was my recommendation, hehe!).

    I'd personally also recommend Creed Green Irish Tweed, Erolfa and Tabarome.

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    Default Re: x-MAS gift for dad


    YSL pour Homme



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    Default Re: x-MAS gift for dad

    What a great thing to do for your Dad.........and you didn't just run down to the 'drug store' and grab up any old scent 8-)!

    I'm an ol' fart at 66+ years of age but I've been into scents since high school although I just recently discovered this BB. *I like to think my tastes have evolved over time for the better *He's quite a bit younger than I but why not be a little 'bold' and go for something really different from what he's use to?

    If I may be so bold as to offer my Wardrobe *for some ideas................ *The "Stars" indicate my feelings about them. *For a short list, my favorites are: *Creed's OV, Creed's BdP, Havana, Le Dandy, and Imperial Jade Emperor......................

    Be sure and let us know what you decide to get and what his reaction was.

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    Default Re: x-MAS gift for dad

    You MUST get GEIR...just have him apply 1-2 sprays
    Just tell him to use lightly.

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