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    Default Battle of the Blands

    So I have always lived in a cold climate, and my fragrance taste has developed accordingly (brit by day, envy by night, D&G PH now and again) but i will soon be taking an office job (groan) in hot and humid Florida (double groan) so Im looking for something more discreet, as well as more, for lack of a better word, common. Basically I'd like something that will be noticed by any comely secretaries, but will pass unnoticed by the fantasy-football fanatcists at the water-cooler.

    Naturally this has lead me to the much maligned "me-too acquatics"... whereupon i got the idea for this post.... Of all the Water d'Gio and Cool Aquas out there, which do you find the best? That is to say, within the strict parameters of a very limiting olfactory genre, which wannabe do you feel has accomplished the most interesting outcome?

    (please if at all possible avoid posting AdG or Cool Water, as that seems to be like answering "the Beatles" to "favorite rock band&quot

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    Hey. L'eau par Kenzo. Lanvin L'homme.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    I am thinking....Guerlain Vetiver. Very nice.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    Go sniff Perry Ellis Reserve. One of the nicer of the modern citruses.
    Thierry Mugler's Cologne is pretty much perfect for this, as well as Millesime Imperial.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    What your upset about heading down to sunny Florida.


    Essenza Di Zegna
    Creed Erolfa, MI, SMW and Himalaya
    M7 Fresh
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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    Herrera Aqua
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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    I know what you mean, I'm a transplant from the north woods now living in the semitropics. *Here's the list:

    1. Lanvin L'Homme--quality fragrance, great longevity, can stand up to the worst heat and humidity
    2. Live Jazz--wonderful fragrance, holds up great in the h & h, lasts
    3. Halston Unbound--AdG clone but actually better, fresh, lasts
    4. Guerlain Vetiver--classic, fresh lasts just plain great
    5. Eau Sauvage--classic, classy
    6. Acqua di Parma--regular or Colonia Assoluta for longer lasting--be sure to try first
    7. Bulgari Extreme Pour Homme--geat change from the fresh and citrus
    8. Marc Jacobs--another great change from fresh and citrus
    9. Himalaya--Creed Quality that lasts
    10. Silver Mountain Water--Creed Quality that doesn't last

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    Creed MI
    Creed SMW
    Blvgari Pour Homme
    Halston Unbound
    Kenneth Cole Reaction
    Polo Blue

    All of these are pretty light and won't overpower. Suitable for work environments and hot climates.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands


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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    IMO, it doesn't have to be bland...

    I think Allure Sport is a great way to wear a sporty-oriental (although I've seen it classified as an aquatic), yet isn't cloying or too heavy in any climate. Davidoff Good Life has good sillage, green in nature, but not overpowering, as well as Versace Dreamer, a tobacco fresh-floral. All these have good longevity in my emperience.

    You really don't have to limit yourself to aquatics when there's other mildly tempered frags out there.

    Close your eyes, so you can see what you're smelling.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    Let`s found something rare and fresh!

    Preparation Parfumee by Andree Putmann - aquatic peppery wood
    Iris Silver Gris by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier - citrusy iris
    Cologne by Mugler, of course!!! - fleurdorange and neroli
    Angelique Sous la Pluie - Frederique Malle
    Sandflowers by Montale
    Vetiver Original by Creed
    l`Instant pour Homme by Guerlain
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    YSL PH

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    Guerlain Vetiver
    Chanel Pour Monsieur

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    Haha..I'm in the "the North woods" myself, and I appreciate your post as I often forget what an impact the climate can have on the scents that an individual will gravitate towards. *I'm going to second Guerlain Vetiver. *Many of my faves don't appeal much in the warmer weather, but this one is really versatile. *It plays well in warm weather and it shares...I don't know...that certain something with some of those you mentioned. *It has a certain weight that I enjoy while being "fresh and light" enough for warmer climes. *Really like Chanel Pour Monsieur as well. *Excellent suggestions.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    Eau Sauvage
    Creed Original Vetiver
    Creed Vetiver (1948)
    creed Erolfa
    Eau de Rochas Pour Homme

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    Eau Sauvage
    Acqua di Parma - Colonia
    Lorenzo Villoresi - Uomo
    Monsieur de Givenchy (but dies quickly on me, maybe you would have better luck) or practically any Verbena (i.e. Caswell Massey, L'Occitane, etc.)
    YSL Pour Homme/YSL PH Haute Concentrate
    Since you like Envy, consider L'Occitane Vetyver (I think you can get it from the website)
    Caswell Massey #6
    Live Jazz
    Crabtree & Evelyn Sandalwood
    Bulgari Pour Homme
    Gendarme V
    Molinard Homme I
    In rotation: Greenbriar (new), Silver Mountain Water, Dunhill for Men (1934), Acqua di Parma Colonia, Habit Rouge EDC, Ho Hang, B*Men, Agua Brava

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    I agree with Eau de Rochas Pour Homme and Kenzo P.H (although this is aquatic!)
    Might want to try Gendarme V and for sheer elegance L'Homme de Coeur by Divine

    The Divine scent is expensive and hard to find but well worth the time & expense. It is a complex and engaging.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    Does Laguna count? If so that would be my choice.

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    Don't throw away all your "cold weather" fragrances just yet! I live in Brisbane, Australia which is probably a bit hotter and more humid than Florida (from my memory of a trip there many years ago). In Winter, it can get a bit cooler (day time temps of 16 degrees C), but most importantly perhaps from a fragrance wearing point of view, it gets very dry. This effectively means 2 different types of frag's can be used during the two extremes.
    It would be interesting (without me trying to hijack this thread), to find out what the DRY weather fragrance recommendations are.....
    For example, in Summer, M7 works really well (on me at least), but in Winter it becomes harsh (in my opinion).
    Any thoughts (or should I start another new thread?)

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    All of my suggestions are taken, though I would certainly second Guerlain's Vetiver.

    My suggestion: Iceberg Twice

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    Cologne Blanche by Dior

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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    Quote Originally Posted by iMaverick
    You really don't have to limit yourself to aquatics when there's other mildly tempered frags out there.

    I completely agree, but since that's what he asked for:

    Baldessarini Del Mar
    Creed Himalaya (of course)
    Caroline Herrera's 212 H2O
    Iceberg Twice
    Laguna by Dali



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    Default Re: Battle of the Blands

    For the aquatic scents, try l'eau par Kenzo and,
    of course, l'eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake.

    Cool Water doesn't strike me as a particularly
    "invisible" scent. Your water cooler budies might
    by able to detect that one, so if you are willing to
    wear something like Cool Water, try Chanel Pour Monsieur,
    either the original with the green juice, or the "concentree"
    version with the pale yellow juice.

    Once more suggestion: Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal.
    Fantastic citrus that remains light and close to the skin, but
    you will be enjoying the smell as long as it lasts (which is
    to say about half a day).
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