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    Default Fragrance going bad?

    I've heard that fragrances can go bad over time but I'm sure if there's any truth in this.

    I have some frags (EDT) that are well over half a decade old and they don't seem rancid or rotten to my nose.

    Does anyone know if my frags will actually go bad?

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    I had a bottle of Jazz years ago that I hated the smell of and thus left it unboxed on a shelf near my bedroom window for a few years. One day I noticed the liquid had gone cloudy, it didnt seem to smell too bad though.

    Daylight, heat and air do turn fragrances bad, ive learnt that the hard way!

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    Default Re: Fragrance going bad?

    I keep all my fragrances in a cool, dark place (underwear drawer) as I've heard that heat and light can damage the chemical composition of the scent.

    I'm thinking of putting some in a mini-fridge as I'm sure the lower temperature will retard chemical breakdown.

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