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    Default L'Artisan Piment Brūlant

    Has anyone tried this one? *It sounds pretty wonderful.

    Piment Brūlant sparkles with the vibrancy of red chili peppers and the tartness of raspberries. The spicy warmth is accented by the floral sweetness of clove which fades into a base layered with chocolate. A delicate note of sweet woods underpins the passionate heat of chili peppers and provides depth for this rich, yet transparent composition.

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    Default Re: L'Artisan Piment Brūlant

    This one is the most disappointing of the L'Artisan spice trio for me. It just smells like I rubbed a green bell pepper on me...and lasts about as long as that. The chocolate note does come off on my wife though which is kind of nice.
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    Default Re: L'Artisan Piment Brūlant

    I have the Epice de la Passion trio, and the Brulant places second for me...the best is Safran Troublant (vanilla and spice), and of the least is Poivre Piquant, which is too "white" floral sweet for my tastes. The Brulant is the balance between the two extremes. I don't smell the chocolate much, smells slightly of powdered cocoa on me, but for the most part smells spicy-fruity-citrus with a transparent subtle vanillic background. IMO, I wish the Brulant and the Piquant had a richer, heavier quality to them.

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    Default Re: L'Artisan Piment Brūlant

    I get a strong pimento / rep pepper - really the nicest subtle spicy scent I've ever sniffed - it doesn't tickle your nose with the spiciness like most 'spicy' scents do. The whisper-light chocolate notes were almost non existent on me (like some of the others comments from BN'rs). Definitely not a chocolate-lovers scent, thats for sure.

    I imagine this would smell great worn to an outside function, perhaps at a BBQ/picnic. Even better: This would make a great kitchen room spray.

    I admire this kind of scent a lot - but it's way too expensive to buy a bottle for my wardrobe - I can't imagine myself reaching for this enough to justify a purchase.
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