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    Default Believe me, I'm not bragging

    ;D but I just got FOUR NEW FRAGRANCES delivered to my office this morning ;D!

    This is what happens with a new 'addiction' right? *

    I got two samples from Setamp/Chuck of Agatha Brown's Conquest and Imperial Jade a few weeks ago. *Liked both so well, I placed an order and they got here this AM. *I bought a few decants from Buffalo_Gal, including Creed's Boise du Portugal. *A 4 oz bottle of it too arrived today and in a very short time as I only ordered it last Fri. *A thread about Tam Dao led me to order it blind. *Not sure about it yet because all I smell is cedar but I'm patient.

    I've got sample sprays of the TD on my inner wrists and BdP on the top of my hands....................... *I know, that's not recommened but...... *One of the women that work here just 'slithered' into my office and asked "What is that wonderful smell?" *Turn's out it was the BdP :P.

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    Default Re: Believe me, I'm not bragging

    You have excellent taste. I have all four. Therefore I have excellent taste also. Believe me, I AM bragging!

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    Default Re: Believe me, I'm not bragging

    Im thinking about getting a full bottle of Tam Dao myself. I agree with you about the cedar, what I love about this one is how creamy and thick it is. For me it's like a woody irish cream.
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    Default Re: Believe me, I'm not bragging

    Believe me I'm not bragging either but getting 4 bottles doesn't excite me anymore. *I bought a large lot of 18 bottles a couple months ago and expecting a box with 14 bottles any day now. *This is what basenotes does to you
    Good choice on the Agatha Browns. I got samples too and they are both really well made.
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