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    Default Clarins launches Everlast the cologne.


    Clarins Sets Everlast Scent.

    NEW YORK — Clarins wants to be a contender for the heavyweight championship of department store fragrance counters in spring with the late-March introduction of Everlast's first scent, a men's fragrance called Original 1910.

    The fresh, spicy-aromatic eau de toilette got its name from the year the boxing brand was founded in the Bronx.

    Original 1910 will be rolled out to some 2,400 doors in the U.S., including Federated Department Stores Inc. locations such as Macy's and Bloomingdale's, as well as other retailers such as Dillard's and Belk. It could generate $20 million in annual retail sales, according to industry sources.

    A highlight of the launch campaign is a plan to slate personal appearances by Sugar Ray Leonard on behalf of the scent in a yet-to-be-decided number of major cities around the country.

    "Sugar Ray Leonard already has a relationship with Everlast," noted Brad Horowitz, senior vice president of marketing for Clarins Fragrance Group, "so he's been pretty cool about it."

    Horowitz and a cadre of other Clarins executives, including Ben Gillikin, president of Clarins Fragrance Group here, and the unit's marketing director, Nancy Tomei, unveiled the scent during a Thursday morning, ringside gathering at Aerospace High Performance Center, a highly polished gym in the Meatpacking District.

    Original 1910 combines top notes of mandarin, mint, grapefruit and lavender with a heart of geranium, nutmeg, cypress and cinnamon, and base notes of patchouli, leather, tonka bean and musk. It was blended by Givaudan's Antoine Lie.

    Jean-Christophe Gaydon designed the weighted glass bottle. The shape is supposed to call to mind a man's shoulders and back. Its gunmetal cap is topped with the Everlast logo.

    A black-and-white visual for Original 1910, which was photographed by Alexei Hay, pictures male and female models in a provocative embrace, part of a single-page ad campaign that also will feature scented strips. A projected $7.2 million to $8.4 million will be spent to support the fragrance, according to sources, and ads will appear in April, May and June issues of men's and women's magazines.

    In stores, Clarins fragrance associates will wear boxing robes; promotional activities will include skullcap and gym bag gifts-with-purchase programs. Some 10 million store catalogue blow-ins, as well as one million vials on card samples of Original 1910, will be disseminated.

    The Original 1910 collection includes 1.7-oz. and 3.3-oz. versions of the eau de toilette, which are priced at $36 and $48, respectively. Ancillary products like an aftershave lotion, $28 for 3.3 oz.; a deodorant, $12 for 2.5 oz, and a set of hair and body shampoo, $10 for 10 0.67-oz. bottles, will accompany the fragrance.

    Given that 60 percent of Everlast's domestic apparel business is on the women's side — and that women purchase anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of men's scents — it comes as no surprise that even now an Everlast women's scent is in the back of Horowitz's mind.

    "The brand has real [pull] with women," Horowitz said. "A women's [Everlast scent] is a few years away for Clarins," he added, citing designer Norma Kamali's agreement earlier this year for activewear firm Jacques Moret to do a Kamali-Everlast sportswear collection. Moret is Everlast's master licensee.

    In hopes of fostering consumer awareness, "We'll let that [Norma Kamali-Everlast venture] seed for a couple of years" prior to any Everlast women's scent, Horowitz said. The sportswear line is set to hit Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom in January.

    A women's Everlast fragrance, were it to be created, would be the brand's third scent. Clarins already has its eye on a second Everlast scent, a men's fragrance, to follow Original 1910. The second scent could be a more upscale men's fragrance, and perhaps enter the ring next year.
    — Matthew W. Evans

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    Default Re: Clarins launches Everlast the cologne.

    Hmmm.....the notes intrigue me quite a bit....I hope this will be a good one.
    I've been repeatedly let down in the department store scents latley...with the exception of Dior Homme.
    Its weird but whenever I think I like a scent....a month later I wish I'd never bought it....of course there are some exceptions ;D

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    Default Re: Clarins launches Everlast the cologne.

    is it the french CLARINS that does eau dynamic ???
    i get cofused because of the name & the backage , it seems to be more 'american' in the cultural aspect... i thought it would be more french in name & recalls the blue & white backaging for the men's skincare line as they did with thier last women fragrance which packaged in red & gold as in thier cosmetics?????? :-/

    it looks more Aramis to me...

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    Default Re: Clarins launches Everlast the cologne.

    The Clarins Group not only owns Clarins cosmetiques but also the perfume liscences for Azzaro, Thierry Mugler, Stella Cadente and now Everlast. So Everlast is a brand within the group, it is just produced and distributed by Clarins.
    When you say that Everlast looks like a Aramis product you are very right, Clarins created Everlast with American consumers in mind.

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    Default Re: Clarins launches Everlast the cologne.

    Ugly bottle, ugly logo, and a scent inspired by the world of boxing is not very appealing either!
    I think I'll pass on this one, thank you.
    "It is the mark of a brave man to admit defeat, cut his loss and move on." - David Ogilvy

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    Default Re: Clarins launches Everlast the cologne.

    thanks cedric it's clear now...i know that clarins group contains Azzaro, Thierry Mugler & Stella Cadente, but it is the 1st time i heard about everlast

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    Default Re: Clarins launches Everlast the cologne.

    I tried this and bought it as an inexpensive gift for a young man. Clarins is a very reputable company.

    I add that a certain dandy from history was a bare-knuckles heavy-weight boxer--who astonishingly kept his Apollonian nose intact. LOL! Lonsdale, anyone?

    A well-balanced scent (not horribly original as some reviewers note) yet ideal to start a youth into the world of fragrance.
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    "The sunset is deeper and longer. The scent of the jasmine is stronger." Miracles. Pet Shop Boys

    "Thick dome of jasmine
    (Under the dense canopy where the white jasmine),
    Blends with the rose,
    (That blends with the rose),"
    "The Flower Duet," Lakme by Leo Delibes, 1881

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    Default Re: Clarins launches Everlast the cologne.

    I just got a small vial of Original 1910 that was thrown in with my order from Fragrancenet.I think I would enjoy this scent. I got a Boss Bottled/Burberry kinda feel the first time I smelled it. Very apple/cinnamon like at first. I think the quality & the price is right on this one.

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    Default Re: Clarins launches Everlast the cologne.

    In stores, Clarins fragrance associates will wear boxing robes...
    This should be interesting to see.

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    Default Re: Clarins launches Everlast the cologne.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gollnick View Post
    This should be interesting to see.
    I think you'll be out of luck - the original post was from five years ago.

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    Default Re: Clarins launches Everlast the cologne.

    Yeah, look at that.

    This does serve as an interesting study, though, in just how successful these sorts of things are. Apparently, Everlast didn't exactly set the world on fire.

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    Default Re: Clarins launches Everlast the cologne.

    EO 1910 is great stuff for the money, especially if you like leather. It is well done in every way (natural, dynamic, blended well, etc.).

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    Default Re: Clarins launches Everlast the cologne.

    double post

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