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    I have recently gotten into aromatic/fougre (sp?) scents such as burberry london and dolce & gabbana ph, safari, etc. I really like Green Irish Tweed and wondered if there is a Creed fragrance that is in the aforementioned scent category. thanks for your help.

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    Try Millesime Imperial and Silver Mountain Water. They're both fresh scents in the same vein as GIT. You might like Himalaya as well because it starts off with a fresh citrus note. However, the drydown is dry, woody, and peppery on me.

    Tabarome Millesime is heavy on tobacco so there's a slight chance you might like it if you like D&G PH. However, I find the tobacco note in D&G rather sweet while it is quite bitter in Tabarome. Definitely try before you buy because I did not like Tabarome at all. The ginger note makes it a little off IMO.


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    Royal Delight is worth a try.

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    Great, I'll give these a try. Thanks again for your suggestions.

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