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    Default Tangerine in A*Men

    I think there's a strong tangerine note in A*Men. Anyone here thinks so too?

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    Default Re: Tangerine in A*Men

    I can't detect any tangerine in A*men but I do get a sharp spike in the beginning from the mint and lavender.

    I find that John Varvatos and Hanae Mori both have a strong citrus note that smells like orange/tangerine IMO. That's the only note that ruins those scents for me. It reminds me of orange-flavored cough syrup with medicinal qualities. Because of this, I have to lightly spray so it isn't as prominent.

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    Default Re: Tangerine in A*Men

    No, I didn't get it either. I'm not sure if I can even bear to spray some on to find out.

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    Default Re: Tangerine in A*Men

    Yes, if you check the 'Notes That Should Not Be Combined' thread, I voiced my dislike of this combined with the chocolate/coffee base notes.

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